WWE CWC "Bracketology" Details, Indie Wrestler Talks Kevin Owens Incident (Video), WWE Stock

- In the video above, indie wrestler Jeremy Prophet talks about his past with Kevin Owens on the indies. Prophet gives Owens props for his career but recalls an incident in 2010 or 2011, over a three-team ladder match, where they were butting heads on certain things after Owens put a lot of input into the match. Prophet says the match went well and he expressed his frustrations but that was it. Months later, Prophet claims Owens called him out at a later indie show and knocked his performance. Prophet asked Owens if he had a problem and Owens reportedly responded with some colorful language.

Prophet offered to settle the issue off to the side because they were attracting a crowd, and they did. Prophet knew of Owens as a legitimate tough guy and thought he was in for a fight but Owens calmed him down and they talked it out. Prophet said they never had an issue after that but also never got the chance to work together again.

- WWE stock was down 1.58% on Friday, closing at $18.12 per share. The high was $18.72 and the low was $17.97.

- The WWE Cruiserweight Classic "Bracketology" special will premiere on the WWE Network this coming Wednesday at 9pm EST after WWE NXT goes off the air. The description for the one-hour special, hosted by Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo, reads like this:

"Mauro Ranallo, Daniel Bryan and special guests including Triple H analyze the bracket of 32 men competing in the Cruiserweight Classic!"


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