WWE CWC Contestant Jack Gallagher On Who Got Him Spot In CWC, Who He Wants To Wrestle, CWC's Format

The Independent recently interviewed WWE Cruiserweight Classic participant Jack Gallagher of Britain, who was promoting the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Below are some highlights:

How he got a spot in the tournament:

"There are always rumours running around wrestling locker rooms that you can't pay full attention to, but honestly the first confirmation I had was through William Regal. As far as I know he scouts a lot of European talent and he contacted us ahead of time telling us that such a thing may happen in the future and would I be interested."

Who he wants to wrestle:

"When it comes to who I want to wrestle, three names come to mind. Firstly, Brian Kendrick. He is experienced and he is a lunatic so I would have no idea what he would do which is interesting. Kota Ibushi focuses on kickboxing, he's tall and he's got range which is hard for me as a grappler so I like that challenge.

"For vanity reasons I would like to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr, because a lot of people consider him the best of the British style, and I would quite like to submit him and prove otherwise."

The CWC format having more of a sports feel:

"Aside from professional wrestling I have often competed in jiu-jitsu tournaments and I have an amateur MMA record of 2-0 so I'm used to being in a sporting environment. I very much approve of it, and it's interesting to see that WWE are more willing to lean into sports again.

"As for the weigh-in, I was in a three piece suit about five minutes before they told us we were doing weigh-ins and I didn't have time to change. So I just stripped off and stepped on there in my Oxford's."

Gallagher also discussed how his MMA and jiu-jitsu experience helped him in wrestling, what it was like being at the WWE Performance Center, training with Billy Robinson and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Independent


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