WWE - ESPN Update, People Fall Ill On Set Of WWE Studios Movie, Dudleyz Plumbing Issues On "Swerved"

- Above is an extra from the second season of Swerved featuring Bubba Ray Dudley accidentally causing a lady to spray someone with gimmicked poop.

- With WWE SmackDown going live tomorrow, the mostly-weekly Off The Top Rope segment on ESPN will air Tuesday night at 10:15 pm ET before moving to Wednesdays starting next week.

- The Star Phoenix has a story here about workers falling ill last month on the set of WWE Studios' The Marine 5: Battleground, which stars The Miz. According to the report, a scene was being filmed involving a fog machine, two motorcycles and a 1984 Chevy 3500 pickup truck in a Surrey parkade on June 10th, however the parkade's ventilation system was turned off to eliminate noise. A worker got sick and tried to leave the parkade, but fell unconscious. Two more workers went to the hospital the next day after having "ill health effects."


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