WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Team USA Vs. Team International, Food Fight, John Cena Beat Up

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens with the roster backstage at a 4th of July celebration. Goldust and R-Truth are on a small stage with a mic. The Vaudevillains come in trying to crash the party. They kick Golden Truth off the stage and do their own musical rendition of the Declaration of Independence. Everyone boos them and Aiden English gets smacked in the face with some food. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Maryse crash the party next.

Miz says he will not allow another WWE holiday party to be ruined by a food fight. He says today is not about food fights, it's about... Miz gets decked with a bunch of chocolate. Someone nails Maryse with food next and a huge food fight breaks out. It ends with Kane and Big Show double chokeslamming Heath Slater through a table. Everyone laughs and leaves, covered in food, hopefully going to the showers. Kevin Owens appears from under a table and he's all clean. He laughs at Slater and says this would never happen on Canada Day. Someone suddenly smashes a pie in Owens' face and he flips out. We go to the RAW opening video.


- We're live from Columbus, Ohio as the pyro goes off on the stage. Michael Cole welcomes us, and he's joined by JBL and Byron Saxton for the Independence Day RAW. Greg Hamilton introduces Lilian Garcia, who is in the ring to perform the National Anthem.

WWE United States Title Match: Titus O'Neil vs. Rusev

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Rusev. Lana is at ringside. Titus O'Neil is out next and he's dressed like Uncle Sam.

Back from the break and they start. Rusev beats Titus into the corner and stomps away. Titus turns it around and slams Rusev. Titus with an uppercut and a big chop into the corner. Titus tosses Rusev across the ring. Titus with more work in the corner and another toss. Rusev comes back and dumps Titus over the top rope as Lana applauds.

Rusev sends Titus into the steel steps as the referee counts. Titus makes it back in but Rusev drops kicks him when he tries to make a comeback. Rusev with a pin attempt and a headlock. Titus finally fights out and nails a knee to the gut. Titus with more knees. Rusev with a knee. They trade big right hands now. Titus with a shoulder tackle and more offense. Titus with a splash in the corner. Rusev slides off Titus' shoulders but Titus nails a powerslam. Titus hits Clash of the Titus for a close 2 count.


Rusev ends up dropping Titus with a kick to the head and following up with another, sending Titus to the mat. Rusev stomps on Titus and applies The Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev

- After the bell, Rusev immediately applies The Accolade again before breaking. Titus takes the mic at ringside and chants USA before insulting fans and the 4th of July. Rusev drops the mic and leaves with Lana.

- Still to come, Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, John Cena will address The Club and a big 16-man Elimination main event with Team USA vs. Team International. Back to commercial.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Back from the break and out comes Bo Dallas, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel dressed as Minute Men from the Revolutionary War. Bo takes the mic but is immediately interrupted by the music as Enzo Amore and Big Cass come out. They make their usual introductions and head to the ring.

Bo starts off with Enzo and takes him to the corner for a beatdown. Quick tags between Axel and Bo keep Enzo down in the corner as they stomp away. They double team Enzo and Axel covers for a close 2 count. Slater plays a flute at ringside. Axel misses a shot off the turnbuckles and Enzo tags in Cass. He unloads on both opponents and slams Bo for the Empire Elbow. Cass tosses Axel out onto Slater. Bo tries to roll him up but gets nailed with a big boot. Enzo tags in for the Rocket Launcher and the win.


Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

- Still to come, Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler. We see Dana Brooke and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte walking backstage. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte is in the ring with Dana Brooke. Charlotte brags about being on top and mocks fans for chanting for Sasha Banks, which starts a chant. Sasha interrupts to a big pop.

Sasha cuts an aggressive promo but Charlotte reminds her that the 1 year anniversary of their debut is next week and she's been on top almost the whole time, making her the Legit Boss. The segment ends when Sasha counters and sends Dana out to the floor but Charlotte lays her out. Charlotte talks more trash and says her reign is just beginning. Charlotte scoops Sasha but gets pulled into a Backstabber. Sasha applies the Banks Statement but Dana pulls Charlotte to safety.

- We see WWE Champion Dean Ambrose backstage walking. Back to commercial.

The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Maryse. We see the Spanish announce team at ringside. Miz takes the mic and dedicates this match to his wife. Out next comes WWE Champion Dean Ambrose for this non-title match.


Back and forth to start the match. We go to commercial with Miz sending Ambrose through the barrier on the floor.

We come back and Miz takes control. Lots more back and forth, including a dive by Ambrose and a broken Figure Four by Miz. The end comes when Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

- After the match, Ambrose celebrates and leaves the ring but the music hits and out comes Seth Rollins to the stage. Rollins heads to the ring as Ambrose goes to the stage. Ambrose runs back down but joins the announce teams as we go to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and Ambrose is talking to the Spanish announcers. Dolph Ziggler is out next.

Rollins talks trash to Ambrose as he works Ziggler over. They end up on the floor and come back in with Ziggler getting some offense in. Rollins knocks Ziggler off the apron as we go to commercial.

Back from the break with more back and forth. Rollins ends up blocking a Zig Zag and hitting a Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

- After the match, Rollins stands on the announce table and cuts a promo on Ambrose and Roman Reigns, their match at Battleground. This leads to Ambrose standing on top of the other announce table and they have words. Ambrose tosses the title at Rollins and attacks him. Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds on the announce table and leaves Rollins laying.


- We go to The Wyatt Family somewhere in the swamp. Bray Wyatt talks about how the power of positivity does not exist and pain is a reality. It sounds like Wyatt is inviting WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day to their world. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a hype vignette for Baron Corbin.

- We hear "excuse me!" ring out as Vickie Guerrero returns to WWE TV and appears at the SmackDown podium on the stage.

Vickie hypes SmackDown going live and says the show needs an experienced COO, a woman like her. Vickie makes her case and says she's officially submitting her name as SmackDown's COO. Vickie asks fans to help her get the job with the hashtag "#VickieRunsSmackDownLive." Security comes out and she slaps one of them. They take her away as JBL gets the crowd to give it up for her.

- We go backstage to Big Show talking with D-Von Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Kane, Zack Ryder, Apollo Crews, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Show rallies the troops for tonight's Team USA vs. Team International match.

- Back from the break and Vickie is being escorted out. Dolph Ziggler stops and acts like he doesn't know her.

Golden Truth vs. The Vaudevillains

Back to the ring and we have Tyler Breeze and Fandango on commentary. Back and forth match with Golden Truth getting the win after a spiked powerbomb.


Winners: Goldust and R-Truth

- After the match, Golden Truth taunts Breezango from the ring.

- Still to come, John Cena will discuss The Club. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get another vignette from Darren Young and his life coach Bob Backlund. Backlund gives Young his Chicken Wing submission move to use because he believes in Young and wants to make Young great again.

- We go to the ring and out comes John Cena to a loud reaction.

Cena gets the crowd hype and talks about The Club. He says AJ Styles failed to stand on his own two feet when he needed to, instead choosing to lean on the shoulders of The Club. Cena says he now has to worry about The Club every time he comes out. He shows footage from last week's altercation during the main event. Cena says he's banged up and bruised but still standing. He's sick and tired of looking over his shoulder. Cena tells The Club to come get some if they want some and drops the mic.

AJ's music hits and he comes to the stage with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. AJ says he expected Cena to do something patriotic but what he's doing is pathetic. AJ says Tokyo this past weekend was supposed to be a homecoming for them but they arrived in Japan to see Cena's face all over the poster. AJ says Cena quickly found out that The Club runs Tokyo. AJ says they will soon run WWE but that can't happen until they get rid of Cena. AJ says the same powers that be who kept him from WWE all those years can't believe he beat Cena at Money In the Bank. AJ has his boys because he knows Cena can break out his shovel at any time and try to bury him, they're his insurance policy. AJ says we found out last week that no one is coming to help Cena. AJ says Cena has no one to help him because Cena has put himself on an island that no one can relate to. AJ says most WWE Superstars relate to The Club. Fans boo.


They all cut promos on beating up John Cena before heading to the ring and surrounding Cena on three sides. They beat him down and stomp away. They all pound on Cena until the music hits and out comes Enzo Amore and Big Cass. A big brawl breaks out. Enzo sends Anderson out, Cena dumps AJ and Cass boots Gallows to the floor. The two teams talk trash as Cena's music hits. Cena raises their hands as The Club looks on from the floor.

- Still to come, Team USA vs. Team International. Also, Summer Rae vs. Becky Lynch. Back to commercial.

Summer Rae vs. Becky Lynch

Back from the break and Summer Rae waits in the ring as Becky Lynch makes her way out. Summer takes control as we see Natalya watching backstage.

Becky blocks a suplex and rolls Summer up for a 2 count. Becky unloads now and sends Summer to the corner. Becky keeps control and hits the exploder for a 2 count. Becky ends up getting the win with the Disarm Her.

Winner: Becky Lynch

- After the match, Natalya looks on from backstage as Becky celebrates. They will meet at Battleground.

- We go backstage to Team International. Chris Jericho is tired of hearing about Independence Day and wishes everyone a belated Happy Canada Day. Alberto Del Rio asks who made Jericho captain of the team and this leads to everyone arguing. Kevin Owens shuts them all up and says after what happened earlier, he's ready to beat up some Americans. He tells everyone to get on the same page and walks off. Jericho agrees and tells everyone to watch it then leaves. No one knows what "it" means. Cesaro, Sami Zayn and The Lucha Dragons are all about showing what America is about – diversity. They're on the same page as we go to commercial.


- Back from the break and WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day come out. Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston cut promos on The Wyatt Family until the graphic flashes and we cut to Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman at their swamp compound. Bray Wyatt appears and invites them to his world. He says they laugh at his invitation but this is a challenge. He asks how far they're willing to go to fight for what they believe in. Bray says The New Day started this and now he must finish it. Wyatt says he will be waiting and tells The New Day to find him.

Kofi says they accept the challenge and when they arrive, they will spray positivity all over the place. Big E agrees but Xavier is looking concerned. He hushes them and can't believe they don't see how dangerous The Wyatts are. Woods says it's all been fun and games up until now but if they don't recognize how real of a threat they're facing, he's not sure if The New Day can survive. Woods drops the mic and walks out.

- Still to come, our 16-man main event. Back to commercial.

- John Cena, Enzo and Cass vs. The Club is announced for Battleground.

Elimination Match: The Dudley Boyz, Kane, Big Show, Apollo Crews, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder vs. The Lucha Dragons, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens


We go to the ring and each Superstar for Team International comes out to his country's national anthem. Team USA are all out together. Sin Cara is eliminated first by Bubba Ray Dudley. Sheamus nails a Brogue and eliminates Bubba. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and D-Von Dudley goes at it with Cesaro. D-Von taps to a Sharpshooter and is eliminated. Swagger comes in and goes at it with Cesaro. Jericho comes in and eliminates Swagger with a Codebreaker. Kane comes in to chokeslam Jericho and goes after Kalisto, which causes chaos as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Crews goes at it with Del Rio. Mark Henry ends up eliminating Kalisto with a World's Strongest Slam. Owens runs in with a pop-up powerbomb on Henry. Henry is eliminated. Owens and Kane get eliminated by DQ after using a chair. Sami gets eliminated after a moonsault from Crews. Sheamus eliminates Crews with a Brogue. Cesaro ends up turning on his team and unloads on Jericho, Del Rio, and Sheamus with uppercuts. Ryder eliminates Cesaro. Big Show eliminates Jericho with a knockout punch. Show eliminates Del Rio with a chokeslam. Ryder gets the win after a Rough Ryder on Sheamus.

Winners: Big Show and Zack Ryder


- After the match, Show and Ryder celebrate as the music hits. A large American flag drops down over the ring as they continue the cerebration. A bunch of pyro explodes on the stage as RAW goes off the air.