WWE Smackdown Results (7/7): Brock Lesnar SummerSlam Opponent Revealed, Seth Rollins In Action, More



Taped on Tuesday in Toledo, Ohio at Huntington Center

The show opens with Seth Rollins bumping into Jey Uso in the parking lot. Seth Rollins trash talks The Samoan family. Jey Uso takes exception and challenges Seth to a singles match and he accepts.


After the Smackdown video and pyro open. Jo Jo is in the ring attempting to introduce the first match when she is interrupted by Dean Ambrose's entrance music. We cut to ringside where Mauro Ranallo is joined by Byron Saxton and the returning Jerry Lawler. They mention the upcoming draft and how the performers are looking to impress leading into it.

Dean Ambrose comes into the ring and apologizes to Jo Jo but says that he has always wanted to be a ring announcer like Howard Finkel but unlike Howard, He is taller with hair. Dean says that now that he is the WWE champion. He has the stroke and will be the special ring announcer for the next match. Dean introduces Jey Uso in a complimentary fashion. He then insults Seth Rollins as he introduces him. Referring to him as Seth "Scumbag" Rollins.



The match starts while Ambrose remains at ringside with a microphone. Two deep arm drags and a flying headbutt to start off for Jey on Seth. Rollins fights back with an impressive looking pendelum backbreaker.... Dean Ambrose is on the mic and asks the audience to check out the concession stands for his new merchandise. He also mentions that there is a Seth Rollins ice cream bar but it tastes like crap. Seth is distracted by this and Jey nearly pins him with a rolling crucifix. Seth then rolls to the outside to confront Dean but Jey goes after Seth and attacks him, rolls him into the ring and hits a flying cross body for a near fall. Jey Uso wipes out Seth with a plancha to the outside... Dean is back on the mic, announces that the match has reached 5 minutes and that it would be a perfect time for a commercial break.

Back from the break..... Seth is taking punishment on the inside from Jey but is able to counter Jey's offense with a high knee that sends him to the outside. Rollins then hits another high knee from the apron to the outside on Uso. Seth then gloats in front of Dean Ambrose. Action back in the ring. Seth hits a neckbreaker on Jey and then as he gets on the 2nd rope to come off.... Dean Ambrose on the mic again, This time announcing that there is a 97 Ford pickup truck illegally parked in the fire lane. The distraction gives Jey Uso time to recover and he nails Seth in mid air. After a few strikes and a samoan drop lead to a near fall. A series of reversals and counters lead to a super kick from Jey on Seth. He then attempts a splash off the top rope. Seth counters with double knees and then recovers quickly to hit the pedigree for the victory.



After the match, Seth Rollins demands that Dean Ambrose announce him as the winner. Dean insults Seth again. Calls him a jackass and slimy. Dean scares off Seth in the middle of the ring and tells Seth that after Battleground. He is going to be announced as still being WWE champ.

Jerry Lawler promotes that Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent will be revealed later tonight. The main event for Smackdown is announced as being Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn.

Zack Ryder arrives to the ring with a new remix of his "Oh Radio" theme as we cut to the break.
Back from the break. Sheamus is introduced for this next match. Highlights are shown from Team USA's win on Raw where Ryder pinned Sheamus.


Sheamus starts off on the aggressive early and hits a big powerslam on the apron. Sheamus hits an irish curse backbreaker on Ryder. He then attempts to suplex Ryder off the top rope but Ryder counters and hits The "Elbow" drop from the top rope to get the victory.


As Zack Ryder is exiting up the ramp. He is interviewed by Tom Phillips. Zack Ryder is asked what's next for him and he states that besides Advil, He is going for the US title and he officially challenges Rusev for the title. Sheamus heads up the ramp but Ryder escapes.


Becky Lynch is shown backstage on her way to the ring.

After the break, Rusev is backstage with Lana and responds to Zack Ryder's challenge. He states that Zack needs to challenge him face to face on Raw this monday and to not be a coward. He then insults the united states of america.

As Becky Lynch is on her way to the ring, She is attacked in the aisle way by Natalya. Nattie beats Becky down and then applies the sharpshooter. Officials break it up as Lynch is left hurting.

Back to ringside, the commentary team recaps and show highlights from The New Day-Wyatt segment on Monday's Raw. Then in a WWE.com exclusive, Xavier Woods is interviewed about his comments on Monday. He states how he is comfortable inside the ring but fears going to the compound, He doesn't like that The New Day has accepted the challenge, He's not happy with his partners decision but that he is going to stand by them and that he will be at the compound.

When we return from break.... Highlights are shown of Enzo and Cass saving John Cena from another beatdown by The Club.

Back in the arena, Enzo and Cass arrive. Enzo goes into his usual "can't teach that" routine before entering the ring. Cass is on the mic and explains that on monday night they saved Cena because they were sending a message. That if The Club is going to beat down whomever they want, There's no one to stop them. That's why they stopped them monday.... AJ's music hits and he comes out with the Club. Styles says that he is interrupting Enzo and Cass because they interrupted their beat down of John Cena. Which is their favorite thing to do. With John Cena not here tonight, AJ asks Karl Anderson what they should do, Karl says they should beat up Enzo and Cass. AJ then discusses what they can do after they beat them up. They discuss eating desserts and then beating up John Cena again. The Club comes down to ringside. AJ calls out Enzo. Enzo responds "You talking to me". Eskimo Zo isn't sweating The Club. He tells the Club that they think they are "too sweet" but they are not original and they are not a good remix either. He challenges AJ to a round with Sugar Ray Amore and AJ will be walking out the ring a diabetic. Cass tells the club that their is only one word to describe them. We go to the break before the match can begin.



AJ out wrestles Enzo early on and tells him that he is going to embarrass him. Enzo returns the favor with some chain wrestling and smack talking of his own. Enzo flies over the top rope onto The Club at ringside but appears to get the worst of it on the landing. AJ takes advantage of this and takes over on offense. The Club tries to get involved but Cass prevents them from doing so. Back in the ring, Amore finally starts to fight back and hits a nice standing dropkick. AJ rebounds and hits a snap suplex on Amore. Meanwhile, Jerry Lawler is comparing Enzo to a bird and his chicken legs on commentary. AJ continues to dominate until a desperation backslide by Enzo for a near fall. Enzo tries a tornado ddt in the corner but AJ counters into a snap suplex into the corner turnbuckles. Very japan like move. Amore hits a big leaping DDT to counter AJ who was trying to superplex him. The Club tries to interfere in the action but Cass takes him out. AJ Styles recovers in the ring and hits The Styles Clash to get the win over Enzo.


Chris Jericho is shown backstage looking for his scarf. He finds Kevin Owens wearing his "pashamena" scarf. He gets upset and takes it back from Owens. Jericho claims it is worth 750 dollars. Owens says it is 4 bucks tops. Jericho asks that Owens helps pay for the dry cleaning of the scarf. Owens empties out his pockets full of change into Jericho's hands and also throws in a jolly rancher. Jericho calls Owens a "stupid idiot" as he walks way. KO tells Y2J that "he heard that". Jericho says that he was supposed to hear it.


Again, We are informed by Mauro Ranallo that Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent will be announced tonight as we go to break.

The Miz arrives to ringside with his wife Maryse. Footage is shown of Miz's investigation of who threw a potato salad at his wife on Monday. Miz claims that his wife is allergic to mayo and that it could have caused an international incident. Kalisto mocks the Miz and says he is allergic to fighting him. Miz accepts the challenge by reciting the Hasta La Vista line from The Terminator 2.


Kalisto hits a few quick aerial moves on The Miz to start off the match. A head scissors and two arm drags. When Miz spills to the outside, Kalisto tries to attack but Maryse gets in the way and it enables The Miz to counter and lay out Kalisto on the outside as we go to break.

When we return, The Miz is mocking Kalisto doing the Lucha chant. Kalisto catches Miz off guard with a double boot and a tornado DDT. After a few strikes by Kalisto. He attempts a hurricanrana but Miz counters with a springboard sit out powerbomb for a near fall. The Miz misses with a kick and Kalisto connects with a spike rana for a two count. Kalisto then attempts the solita del sol but Miz counters, Kalisto gets two roll ups for near falls and then attempts a corkscrew off the second rope but Miz thwarts his attempt and hits the skull crushing finale for the victory.



Renee Young is backstage interviewing Sasha Banks. Sasha talks about how the Boss took care of business vs Dana Brooke. Charlotte shows up with Sasha's boss style glasses and mocks Sasha. Dana challenges Sasha to a match on Raw. Sasha wants to fight tonight. Charlotte interjects and says that Sasha can't make the rules . She insults Sasha by saying that she doesn't wear costume jewelry, that she wears diamonds. Sasha says that she can't wait to beat Charlotte for her title and that she is going to beat Dana on Raw monday.

The Brock Lesnar announcement coming after the break.

Darren Young-Bob Backlund split screen vignette shown. The same from Monday where they discuss submission holds. Backlund offers to give Darren Young his cross faced chicken wing.

Back at ringside, We go to WWE global headquarters with Scott Stanford, Booker T and Corey Graves. Stanford announces that Brock Lesnar will face Randy Orton at Summerslam. Graves talks about how they both came up from OVW. Labels them both as legends. Booker T says that he is very excited to see Randy Orton the 12 time world champion make his return.

Back in the arena, The commentary team recaps the announcement. Sami Zayn enters the ring for the main event. Kevin Owens is introduced and comes out to ringside for the match.



The match starts off with chain wrestling as Kevin Owens on commentary insults Mauro Ranallo's new hairstyle and the fans for chanting for Zayn with Ole chants. Chris Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to put Zayn to the outside. Zayn on the outside counters Jericho's assault and hits a moonsault off of the barricade. Action back in the ring, Jericho re-takes over the match as we go to break.

We are back, Y2J is still on the offensive and in control. Kevin Owens mentions that while we are at break. We missed the fans chanting "stupid idiot" at Sami Zayn and Byron Saxton. Owens then eviscerates Saxton by telling him that losing to Zayn is not an option just like the option of Byron Saxton becoming a commentator shouldn't have been an option either..... Jericho still on top hits a Lionsault for a close fall. Zayn finally comes back and hits a clothesline. Sami begins to hit Jericho with strikes on the inside and outside the ring. He then climbs to the top rope and hits a diving cross body for a 2 count. Jericho hits a nice jumping enzuigiri for a close count on Zayn. Owens brags about his expertise on naming holds and suggests that Saxton needs to start taking courses and classes so he can be as good as Jerry or JBL on commentary. He even says Byron can learn from Cole because even he is better than you. Jerry Lawler then jumps in and says the worst advice, Byron took was when he was told to be himself, which draws a laugh and praise from Kevin Owens. Meanwhile in the ring, Sami Zayn hits a ddt that takes Jericho to the outside and then hits a tope over the top rope. Sami slams the table, Owens takes exception and throws water into Zayn's face. Jericho tries to attack Zayn from behind but Sami counters and throws Y2J into KO.


Back in the ring, Sami Zayn hits an exploder suplex on Jericho into the corner. He then attempts the Helluva kick when Owens gets on the apron and Sami kicks him instead. Jericho attempts a quick roll up pin but Sami kicks out. Jericho attempts the Walls of Jericho but Sami counters with a roll up victory.


After the match. Jericho attacks Zayn with the codebreaker. Kevin Owens then runs into the ring and pop up power bombs Zayn as KO's music hits to end the show.