Braun Strowman's RAW Victim, Heath Slater Tells WWE To Listen To Fans Chanting His Name, Fans On RAW

- The man who lost to Braun Strowman on last night's WWE RAW from Brooklyn was Northeast indie wrestler "Killer Instinct" Johnny Knockout. Knockout was a hit on social media after he said he likes big, sweaty men in his pre-match interview. Many fans were joking that this was the first new LGBT storyline after Stephanie McMahon recently announced that the company would introduce LGBT characters and focus on inclusivity.

- As seen below, 57% of fans on Twitter gave last night's RAW a thumbs up with over 14,416 votes.

- Heath Slater was very active on Twitter during SummerSlam and last night's RAW, expressing frustration that he didn't get to perform in front of the Brooklyn crowd that was chanting his name. Below are his tweets:


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