Chad Gable Talks Wanting SmackDown To Introduce Tag Titles, Comparisons To World's Greatest Tag Team

Rolling Stone recently interviewed Chad Gable, who was promoting this Sunday's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Below are some highlights:

Comparisons to Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, the World's Greatest Tag Team:

"We like to combine and watch everything. Obviously we've seen their stuff. It wasn't a deliberate thing that we wanted to be like those guys, but I mean, we're amateur wrestlers and we want to wear singlets. And it just so happens that we somewhat resemble them. If you're going to ask me who we would say is influential to us, I'd say it's more of the Steiner Brothers. They're someone we watch constantly. Those guys were ahead of their time, in my opinion. We've been watching so much of their older stuff lately, and some of the stuff they were doing in the 80s was so ahead of its time. We want to be that version, today. We want people to look back on us and say, 'Man, those guys were ahead of their time.' We want to be new and fresh, and we want people to get the same feeling from us that they did from the Steiners."

Goals on the main roster:

"In the short-term, we want to create an atmosphere on Smackdown where we raise the game of every tag team there. We want to approach it in a way that we're so tenacious, and we're so hungry, that it makes everyone else step up. We want them to say that they don't want the new guys to come in and take over. We want that competition. That's what we thrive on. If we can start that as quick as possible, we want everyone to step up and make the tag teams the thing to watch on Smackdown. That's the short-term goal.

"Long-term? I hope they introduce tag titles to Smackdown. We want to win those. If not, we want to win the other tag team titles and bring them to Smackdown. Ultimately, we need to be on Wrestlemania next year. We need to be in a pivotal match and make an impact on a huge stage. We want to show it on the grandest stage possible."

Gable also discussed making his SmackDown Live debut, being drafted to SmackDown, the Olympics and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Rolling Stone


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