Daniel Bryan Apologizes For Miz Incident, Says Miz Was Right, Talks Why He Won't Leave WWE

Daniel Bryan discussed last week's heated exchange with The Miz on tonight's episode of Talking Smack. Bryan said that he probably shouldn't have said the things that he did to the Miz last week. He noted that they can push each other's buttons and apologized to Renee Young for leaving the set early.

Bryan noted that when he walked away, some people thought that Bryan was going to punch The Miz in the face. Bryan said that the biggest thing that upset him was that The Miz was right. Bryan said that he feels like he's healthy, and if he had the guts he would quit and do the indies. Bryan noted that he probably wouldn't be doing bingo halls, but more "like Tokyo Domes."

Bryan said that he has health to worry about, and that he and Brie are trying to get pregnant, so there's that turmoil. Bryan noted that Miz pressed all of those buttons, and that he knows how to press them which is why WWE is not allowing them to do anything together on TV anymore.


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