Daniel Bryan Storms Off "Talking Smack" Set During Miz Tirade

Tonight's Talking Smack was probably the most interesting episode yet ending with a fiery promo from the Miz that resulted in Daniel Bryan walking off the set.

The segment began with The Miz coming onto the set and complaining to Bryan about not being on tonight's SmackDown despite being the Intercontinental Champion. The Miz noted that the IC title was the last one that Bryan held and he wanted to make it relevant again. Bryan said that he had respect for the title, but that he doesn't respect Miz. When Miz asked why, Bryan said that he hasn't done anything wrong, but that he and the fans don't like the way he wrestles.

The Miz brought up his clean victory over Apollo Crews at SummerSlam, but Bryan said that he was still more impressed with Crews. He said that while Crews lost, he told the Miz that he wrestles like a coward and it seems like he's afraid to get hit. Bryan said back when he was on the indy scene, if he had to create a mold of the stereotypical soft WWE wrestler, The Miz would be it, and said that WWE has transformed since then.

The Miz went on to cut probably the best promo of his career, at Bryan's expense. Miz said that the reason why he wrestles the way he does is because he can do it every day all the time for 10+ years, and noted that he's never been injured. Miz got out of his chair and starting laying into Bryan, noting that Bryan promised fans that he would be back to regain the IC title and he didn't. Bryan said that if WWE would let him come back, he would.

Miz continued harping on Bryan, saying that if he loves wrestling so much he should quit "and go to the indy halls." He said that while Bryan calls him a coward, he's the one not wrestling in a WWE ring again. At this point, Bryan took off, as seen in the video above.

Miz finished by yelling at Bryan to not walk away and said that he loves the fans while Bryan walks away every single time.

"You're the coward!" Miz exclaimed. "I am not a coward. I am your Intercontinental Champion!"

This may be the best segment I've seen on WWE television in a while, I would definitely recommend checking it out.


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