Daniel Bryan Was "Borderline Offended" By John Cena On SmackDown, American Alpha Talk Their Debut

- In the video above, American Alpha discuss making their WWE main roster debut on SmackDown tonight with a victory over the Vaudevillains. Jason Jordan said that this is where they wanted to be, and that the experience was surreal. Chad Gable said that they are making a statement and will be leading the tag team revolution and he hopes that it lights a fire under the other teams, because they want to beat everybody at their best.

- Daniel Bryan had an interesting take on John Cena's promo on SmackDown tonight. During tonight's Talking Smack, Bryan said that he was "borderline offended" by Cena's promo and Cena saying that AJ Styles would go somewhere else to wrestle if his WWE run didn't pan out, while he would only wrestle in WWE. Bryan noted that he's been fired from WWE twice, and that you have to wrestle somewhere else when that happens. Bryan continued by saying that he's cut from the same cloth as Styles, as they had to fight for the opportunity to get to WWE. Bryan noted that if Styles got fired, he has a family to provide for and that this is what he does.

Bryan said that he does get what Cena's saying in that he loves WWE, but that it's easy for Cena and other people in his situation like The Rock with other opportunities to say that they're stepping back from wrestling and won't work anywhere else. Bryan said that The Rock is great, but comes in once "every great while" while Cena still shows up every week despite all of his outside offers. Bryan put over Cena's love and passion for WWE, but said that it doesn't mean that he should put down AJ for needing to work somewhere else if he lost his WWE job. You can check it out in the video below:


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