Former WWE Champion On Turning Down WWE Recently, Having Success In Spite Of Triple H, Retirement

Rob Van Dam recently took part in a Q&A with RAW Events UK. The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast posted parts of the Q&A on an episode of their podcast, which you can listen to here. During the Q&A, Rob Van Dam was asked if his in-ring career was over.

"It's likely, but I have no plans of that," RVD said.

RVD noted that fans often ask him about when he'll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said that it wasn't up to him, and noted that Triple H is the boss and he's not sure if it's in his vision, and that he wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. He said that he doesn't think that Triple H ever saw him as someone to be pushed forward, and that he feels that all of his achievements were in spite of Triple H and people that think like him.

RVD also revealed that WWE contacted him to return to the company last October for the program with the Dudleys against The Wyatt Family, which ended up being filled by Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno. He said that they didn't offer the kind of money that it would take to make it worth his while, and that it was the last talk that he had with them. He said that he doesn't have a retirement plan, but he doesn't have a plan to return to WWE either.

Source: The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast


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