Goldberg Calls Out Seth Rollins, Talks Conor McGregor, Gives His WWE SummerSlam Prediction

As seen above, Goldberg was interviewed by Myles from The #Trending20 that airs Weeknights 7-10pm on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai. In this brief WWE 2K17 Launch Party interview, Goldberg discusses his thoughts on the Orton and Lesnar match at SummerSlam, speaks on the Conor McGregor controversy, and responds to Seth Rollins comments on ESPN.

* Goldberg says WWE 2K17 gives fans the opportunity to see Brock Lesnar kick his ass. Goldberg is amazed out how great the video game makes him look. Goldberg continues saying if Lesnar wants him to beat him up, he would be glad to.

* Regarding his pick for the Orton and Lesnar match at Summerslam, Goldberg doesn't see how anyone, including Orton, can beat Lesnar one on one. However, Goldberg says Orton is a great wrestler and that he is a huge fan of his work. Goldberg continues to praise Orton, claiming Orton made him look great in their matches they had against each other. Goldberg says Orton is one of few that could steal a win from Lesnar.

* Goldberg states he would have tried MMA and UFC years ago if the money was viable. It was a strong consideration to choose MMA over professional wrestling. Going off the MMA topic, Goldberg claims he wants Nate Diaz to rip Conor McGregor's head off at UFC 202. Goldberg speaks more on McGregor, claiming his negative words toward professional wrestlers was disrespectful. Goldberg says whether it was part of his gimmick or not, he is not a fan of it.

* When asked who Goldberg would go toe to toe with on the Summerslam card, he said Lesnar, but quickly changed his mind and said Seth Rollins because of his recent comments on ESPN First Take. In reference to Rollins, Goldberg says he doesn't know that little guy and would like to introduce him to his fist.


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