Goldberg Has Words For Brock Lesnar; Talks Wanting To Return, Heading To NYC For SummerSlam Weekend

Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg was at Gamescom 2016 today in Cologne, Germany. You can check out his Q&A in the video above, below are some highlights:

- Goldberg said that he should be on the cover because he "killed the guy [Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX] that's on the cover."

- The fans chanted "please come back," and Goldberg said that for them, he'll see what he can do.

- Goldberg added that he's headed to New York City, and "that's all [he] can say about that." He said that you can never say never, and even at his age he has no issue putting his gear on and "ripping people's faces off again." He said he just needs the opportunity to do it. He told the fans to keep doing what they're doing and it will happen.

- Goldberg said he'll do everything in his power to give the fans what he wants. He said he may be 49 years old, but he's ready to go at any time anywhere, and all he needs is the call.

- Goldberg hyped WWE 2K17, noting that it will be incredible.

- He talked about his movie projects and said that his favorite was The Longest Yard. He said that he did his own stunts while "all those other goofs had stunt doubles." He noted that Steve Austin blew out his hamstring while filming.

- He told the story about getting the "Who's Next" catchphrase at a restaurant.

- Goldberg was asked point blank when he'll be back in WWE. Goldberg said that he honestly has no idea and doesn't know if it will ever happen. He said every time there's a WrestleMania or SummerSlam and people are expecting him, from the bottom of his heart, it's not up to him. He said not to take it out on him because it's not up to him.

- He was asked about Brock Lesnar. Goldberg said that Brock knows how he feels about him. He noted that they've been in the ring and while they didn't have the best match, Brock knows his power. He said that's what is missing is someone giving Brock the fight like he gives to everyone else. Goldberg says that Brock knows what would happen, he knows where he lives, and the same thing will happen to Brock that happened at WrestleMania XX.


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