Goldberg Talks Possible WWE Return, WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Being Re-invigorated

As seen above, Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes spoke with Bill Goldberg at the WWE 2K17 Launch Party.

Bill Goldberg talks about being in WWE 2K17, being introduced to new generation of fans, a possible return to the WWE for one match or being inducted into the Hall of Fame and much more.

* Goldberg says it is cool that there is an entire new generation that realizes through playing WWE 2K17 that he himself was a guy that used to rip other guys heads off. Goldberg likes the matches you can create virtually, including himself versus Brock Lesnar. In regards to another match with Lesnar, virtually or not, Goldberg says he gets to beat his ass again.

* Goldberg continues on WWE 2K17, claiming the only reason he did this deal was for his 10 year old kid. Goldberg is grateful to 2K for giving him this opportunity to be such a great father to his kid.

* When asked whether he was surprised current wrestling fans know who he was, Goldberg made it clear he was not with his disgust at the question. Goldberg explained he is the hottest free agent in the business, despite being 12 years removed.

* In terms of one more match, Goldberg says his juices have been invigorated with the reactions from fans at WWE 2K17 events. However, Goldberg says the ball is not in his court for whether he wrestles again for the WWE.

* Goldberg says being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame would be a dream come true and a true honor, but like with having one more match, it is not his decision.

* Goldberg does not miss the physicality of wrestling, as he gets more physicality now than ever in practicing Muay Thai 5 times a week. Goldberg does miss the ability to go cause physical pain without being thrown in jail.


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