Kevin Thorn On Why Former Stars Aren't Returning To WWE, Low Pay, Why He'd Choose TNA Over WWE, More

Recently, Kevin Fertig, also known as WWE's Kevin Thorn joined Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri for an in-depth interview. During the conversation, which will be published in its entirety next week, Thorn talked about WWE's recent struggles in bringing in past stars and whether he has had conversations with WWE about a return.

When Giri asked Thorn whether he was surprised that WWE has failed to fill its roster holes with former performers, Thorn noted that the wrestlers know what they're in for.

"The majority of the guys know they're going to push the guys they're going to push. I mean, you're really going there to be an enhancement talent, within reason. They're going to say they're going to do these big vignettes for you, but all you're really there to do is to get the next guys over."

According to Thorn, returning to WWE is not financially feasible for many talents.

"They'll blow you up or give you a downside. You'll use that up in three months and then they'll starve you out the rest of the year. I mean, a lot of guys already have had that done. Jimmy Wang Yang, those guys that were prior. I mean, there were guys that were just starting when I was there because they weren't being used, but they were brought to TVs two nights, so they had to pay hotel, rent a car, food while they're there, and everything else and they're only making $500, $600 a week because they've already blown through their downside. So with taxes and everything else, guys are getting $75,000 to $150,000 downsides. By the time you pay taxes, your road expenses, and everything else, really and truly, you're only making $40,000, $35,000. So what's the point? And I mean, the indies is all cash. It's pretty much all cash. You can hide it the way you want to hide it and everything else."

Also, Giri inquired as to whether WWE has contacted Thorn about returning to the world's largest professional wrestling promotion. Thorn claimed that he has not had serious talks with WWE, though he would be hesitant about returning on a full-time schedule.

"Not really. There was talk, but nothing substantial. And I don't know if I'd want to go back full-time. If TNA called me, yeah. Hell yeah. A couple of days a month doing something, yes. WWE, man, it'd have to be decent. Knowing how it was up there and just like I said before, you blow through your downside and all of a sudden you're just dragged along. You're their monkey." Thorn added, "man, I'd love to go put some guys over in [NXT] and stuff. But I don't want to be there every day. If I could go down to [NXT] for their TV tapings here and there, yes, heck yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat, as long as it was a couple of days and I can come back to the reality that I've set in."


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