Matt Morgan On Finn Balor's Injury, What Went Wrong With The Move, If Seth Rollins Needs To Change

On this past Monday night's episode of The Wrestling Inc. podcast, co-host Matt Morgan discussed Finn Balor's injury during his match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam this past Sunday night. Rollins buckle bombed Balor onto the barricades during the match, however Balor extended his arm and dislocated his shoulder.

"It's a release powerbomb, you're supposed to run with them and release them, obviously," Morgan said. "He [Balor] shouldn't have put his arm out, but Finn is a hell of a worker so I'm sure there was a reason for it. It's one of those things that happen, bad timing."

Rollins has been catching some criticism online for the spot, since Sting had been injured taking the move last year, and Rollins had actually broken John Cena's nose during a match on RAW last July (as seen in the video above at the 1:04 mark).

"It's one of those crazy things," Morgan said. "Lord I hope he doesn't slow anything down because of it. He's one of my favorite guys to watch - him and Kevin Owens. I love watching Rollins, I think he's the complete package. I think he's still improving on the mic and feeling himself out as a character, but I love watching him work. I hope that this doesn't make him start to taper back with what he does out there.

"Like the kicks to the head [on RAW] in the match with [Sami Zayn], if he was inside his own head and worrying about injuring people, I don't think he'd be doing that move there since that would be something he would pull back on. So I'm happy to see that he's not pulling back, and I hope he doesn't. I'm shocked to hear the internet community was throwing John Cena's name in there for people that he hurt, they could give a rat's ass if John Cena got hurt. Seth is money, I love watching him work."

You can check out the podcast in the video above, Morgan's comments about Balor's injury early in the episode at the 4:20 mark.


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