Ric Flair Cuts Promo At NFL Camp (Video), Baron Corbin Talks Character Vs. Real Life, Rosa Mendes

- Ric Flair attended the Atlanta Falcons training camp yesterday and cut a Flair-style promo at the end of practice, as seen in the video above.

- Baron Corbin recently spoke with The Kansas City Star for a brief interview and commented on his character vs. real life:

"What you see of me on TV and all of that, that is me that's truly how I feel. I'm just multiplying it. It's that arrogance, that confidence, the belief that I'm the best, and there's a true attitude that I don't care what others think."

- Rosa Mendes posted this sneak peek clip from her new "Totally Fit Mama" project:

We are happy to share a video short from our video series beginning and now available at www.tfmama.com, for members only. Join our #totallyfitmamafamily and get the access to our videos, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, contests, postings, phone calls and unlimited support! Start eating healthy for a lifetime, not a quick fix or diet. We want to help you. #we care #realfood #transformation #wholefood #nutritiousanddelicious #fitissexy #nutritionissexy #youdeserveit #thenewyou @skene19films thx again!


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