Rumors Of WWE Star Getting Kicked Off Plane, Terri Runnels Reveals Which WWE Angle She Hated, More

- Terri Runnels sat down recently for a chat with Freak and Nitro TV to promote the release of her upcoming photo set, which will be available on They sent us the quote below, where she discussed the one angle that she did not want to do, the controversial fake miscarriage angle.

"I really think it was horrible," Runnels admitted. "I hated it. I really begged Russo. I was like? my daughter is in elementary school and I don't want kids hearing about that and saying 'Oh your mom, you know, had this other baby?' I didn't want to put her through that and I thought it was tacky and that was one fight I lost. I fought and fought and fought that angle? I begged Russo ? I'm like "dude, don't ? just don't" and he won and I lost that one."

You can check out the full interview in the video above.

- There have been rumors spreading from a Twitter user regarding Bo Dallas getting kicked off of a plane for being intoxicated, as seen by this article on Fansided. It states that Dallas was being unruly on the flight, and was singing Lion King songs loudly while on the phone with his wife. He apparently told the pilot – and everyone else – to "f-ck themselves" before walking off. Airport police were allegedly called, but he was not arrested. Bo was scheduled to wrestle at tonight's WWE live event in Puebla. We were holding off on reporting anything until we received comment from WWE, however the story has been picking up steam and is appearing on many websites, all sourcing the original Twitter account. We will let you know if we receive word from WWE.

- We would appreciate a report for tonight's live event in Puebla, so if you are attending it, please send us a report by clicking here. Following the show, the RAW brand – along with SmackDown stars Apollo Crews and The Usos, will be wrapping up the weekend with a show this Sunday night in León, Guanajuato.