Sasha Banks Talks Backstage Reaction To Her WWE Women's Title Win, Mick Foley's Blog, Brand Split

WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks recently participated in a conference call with members of the international media to promote WWE Summerslam next week. Our friends at Planeta Wrestling were on the call, and sent us the video above with the questions that they asked. Below are some highlights:

* Sasha was asked if she would consider adding a stipulation to her match with Charlotte at SummerSlam and she replied, "No stipulation, no! I just want to whip her butt." She added that she's looking forward to the event being in Brooklyn, and that last year's great match with Bayley at NXT: Brooklyn wasn't a fluke.

* She wants to be remembered as the greatest women's wrestler of all time, and that people will want to study her and use her as the measuring stick for a great women's wrestler.

* Sasha was asked about Mick Foley's recent blog about her WWE Women's Championship victory and what she liked to read in it. Banks said it made her cheer up because he mentioned the wrestlers watching the match on the monitor. She remembered on the indies when men would not watch the women's matches, and when they did it was to make fun of it. She said that now they're watching to see what they can do and they respect them. She said that having friends like New Day waiting for her when she got back from the curtain and cheering for her made her really happy.

* She said the most important thing she learned since joining the main roster was to be herself and always stand up for what you believe in.

* She would love to have a Fatal-4 Way with the Four Horsewomen again, and hopes that it can happen at a WrestleMania.

* Banks mentioned several NXT stars she missed, including Angelo Dawkins, Bayley, Blake, Scott Dawson, Tye Dillinger and Norman Smiley, who she credits for making her the wrestler she is today.

* Sasha doesn't think the brand extension will affect the women's division at all and looks at it as a great opportunity for the women. She said that it was hard for them to get time, and now with separate shows they're given more time and segments. She's hoping that SmackDown gets a women's division, and RAW's division will keep "going and going."


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