Spoilers: WWE CWC Tapings For Tonight

Join us tonight at 9pm EST for our live Viewing Party.

* Rich Swann defeated Lince Dorado in a great match with some comedy spots early on but good wrestling. The crowd was all for Swann. There was a cool spot midway in the match where both guys bicycle kicked each other at the same time. Swann hit a twisting inverted 450 for the win. They hug after the match

* Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Drew Gulak in an awesome technical match. Gulak refused the handshake at the start of the match. Great technical wrestling here, lots of different submissions and definitely a change of pace from everything else. There was a brutal slap exchange late in the match. Sabre reverses Gulak's attempt at a choke into a pinning combination for the win

* TJ Perkins defeated Johnny Gargano in the main event. This was a really great match with the crowd behind both guys. There was a scary spot where Gargano flipped onto TJ outside but his legs hit the timekeeper's table and chair. Gargano sold a leg injury but lawn darts TJ into the turnbuckle for a near fall. TJ locked on a leg lock for a huge upset win. After the match, they hug. A trainer comes out to check on Gargano and help him to the back. Not sure if it's a worked injury or not


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