This week's show opens with a highlight package of Bobby Lashley and all three of his title wins. The world title win against Drew Galloway at Slammiversary. The X title win against Eddie Edwards on Impact and last week's King of The Mountain title win against James Storm.

Bobby Lashley is shown backstage when he bumps into Aron Rex and stares him down while new TNA president Billy Corgan looks on.

Back in the arena. Josh Matthews welcomes the audience to Impact and hypes tonight's #1 contenders Ascension to Hell 4 way tag team ladder match. James Storm arrives and heads to the ring as highlights of last week's main event are shown. James Storm calls Brian Hebner into the ring and confronts him about not counting the pin at the start of last week's match. A clip is shown of last week's main event where Storm attacked Lashley just as the bell rang but Hebner couldn't make the count because he was tied up with ring announcer Jeremy Borash. Hebner defends himself but Storm isn't pleased and asks for a rematch. Out comes Billy Corgan to address the situation.

Billy tells James that the ref's decision is final and that games are lost in the 4th quarter not the first. James tells Billy, Last he checked this isn't football. Corgan tells Storm that he is a TNA original and that he shouldn't be complaining and that maybe the real issue is that he can't win the big one. Storm goes to ringside and pulls out a toolbox and throws tools into the ring. He grabs a hammer and says he built TNA and that he can destroy the entire ring. James Storm calls Billy Corgan, a stupid rock star. TNA security comes out and gets in the ring to defuse the situation. An irate James Storm yells at Corgan and tells him that while others like AJ Styles and company left TNA. He stayed. Storm strikes one of the security members. Storm then threatens to beat up Billy Corgan. He says he has never beaten up a rock star but he is going to scratch that off of his bucket list and "smash a pumpkin". Billy Corgan gets on the mic as Storm is leaving and suspends James Storm indefinitely.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are at ringside and recap what just took place and promote the upcoming match with Moose and Eddie Edwards which is scheduled next. Moose is then shown backstage having a conversation with The Miracle Mike Bennett. Moose tells Bennett that he looks forward to beating up Edwards. Bennett says that he has bigger and better things in mind for his own future. That match is up next.

Back from the break. A Bound for Glory PPV ad airs narrated by Matt Hardy. Clip shown of Storm's suspension in the opening segment. Back in the parking lot. James Storm is shown being forced out of the arena and driving away in his car.


The "Miracle" accompanies Moose to the ring. He watches on as Moose controls the early portion of the match with his power and striking. Edwards uses his agility to battle back and hits a double knee strike off of the apron onto Moose. Edwards is then distracted by Bennett on the outside. This leads to a Moose scissors kick to Edwards followed by a power bomb on the apron. Action back in the ring. Moose is in control, He hits a snake eyes in the corner and then applies a chin lock. Edwards counters with a jaw breaker to break the hold but Moose hits an impressive dropkick for a 2 count. Moose then shows off his athleticism by spring boarding to the top rope and flying off but is hit in mid air with a drop kick by Edwards. Edwards hits the boston knee party but Bennett gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Moose then hits Edwards with a vicious lariat for a near fall. He goes for the playmaker but misses. Edwards gets Moose up to the top rope and hits a huracanrana. He then sprints quickly and does a suicide dive on Bennett on the outside to take him out. Edwards then climbs to the top rope, attempting to put Moose away but gets caught in a sky high powerbomb. Which leads to his defeat at the hands of Moose.


Maria is backstage with Jade. She tells Jade that if she doesn't defeat Gail Kim tonight. She will never get another shot at The TNA Knockouts Title.


The stipulation put in place before the match is that the loser of this one will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. Battle of friends being forced to face each other by "Knockouts Leader" Maria. Good back and forth action early on. Evenly matched with a fair share of counters and reversals. The action eventually spills to the outside. Gail Kim hits a variation of the 619 on Jade using the ring post. She follows that up trying to springboard off of the ropes onto Jade but is caught in mid air and Jade hits a gut buster. Both women struggle to get back on their feet and then into the ring. Action picks up after they both exchange strikes. Gail Kim hits a tilt a whirl head scissors, clothesline and senton that lead to a 2 count. She then climbs to the top rope and misses a cross body. After a martial arts kick by Jade on Kim. They both end up in a rolling small package that eventually rolls onto referee Earl Hebner. Both women struggle to their feet, Jade misses a kick. Gail counters with her finisher, Eat defeat. Just as she covers Jade for the potential victory. Sienna runs out and pulls Gail outside the ring. The referee calls for the bell and the disqualification. Sienna hits the AK 47 on Gail Kim on the outside floor. She then runs into the ring and hits the silencer on Jade.


Maria comes out on to the stage and announces that Gail Kim will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. The announcers question that because Gail actually won her match.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley runs into Braxton Sutter, Mandrews and DJ Z. Lashley tells them that he has an announcement regarding the X division title coming up later. DJ Z tells Lashley that the winner of their upcoming match should challenge Lashley for that title. Lashley tells them that it will never happen and for them to watch later on.

Back from the break. The Ascension to Hell ladder match main event is hyped.



Frantic action to open this one with all 4 men attempting quick pinfalls. This match is not an elimination style match up. First fall wins. DJ Z takes out Mandrews and Sutter with an over the top rope tope. Spud teases doing the same but then refuses to do so leading to boos from the crowd. It's now just DJ Z and Spud in the ring until Mandrews runs in and hits a northern lights suplex on DJ. Sutter runs into the ring and hits a power slam on DJ Z for a 2 count. Mandrews prevents that fall. Braxton gains the advantage until Spud blindsides him and takes control. Rockstar Spud has braces on as a result of a facial injury he suffered weeks back thanks to Sutter. So Spud tries to set up Sutter's mouth onto the ring ropes and attempt a curb stomp to knock out his teeth. DJ Z intercepts while Spud is in mid air. Mandrews is back in and he and Sutter eat a double springboard elbow from Z. Then that's followed up by a rolling double ddt by Z and he pins Mandrews for the victory.


As we head to the break. Drew Galloway's challenge to EC3 from last week is shown. EC3 is shown backstage and says he is going to answer that challenge next.

A return from the commercial break. A recap is shown of Billy Corgan's suspension of James Storm to open tonight's show. Dixie Carter is backstage with Billy Corgan. She tells Corgan that Lashley's recent victories and acquisition of the TNA titles has everyone on edge. Carter tells Corgan that he needs to address the issue tonight on Impact.

Back in the ring. EC3 has the mic. Ethan Carter calls out Drew Galloway to address his challenge face to face. Out comes Galloway. Carter tells Galloway that his answer to Drew's challenge will surprise him. Galloway says Carter's answer won't surprise him. He says Carter will say No because he is scared of losing his world title match at Bound for Glory to him. Drew says he was cheated 3 times by EC3 of challenging for the world title. The lights go out and out comes TNA newcomer, Aron Rex. He receives a good response from the crowd and enters the ring.

Aron Rex tells Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter that he has a little secret and that the secret is that TNA is changing the game and that's why he is here. This leads to a TNA chant from the crowd. Rex talks about what he stated about opportunity last week. He states that both Drew and Ethan are looking for opportunity. He says he is excited to see a match between Galloway and Carter. He tells them that he talked to Impact management and that he is going to be the special guest referee for the match between them. The winner of that match gets a world title shot at Bound For Glory. This match will take place next week on Impact.

Eli Drake is backstage. He says he is the one who made the King of The Mountain title matter and that dummy James Storm had to go and lose it. Bobby Lashley interrupts and tells Drake that he is going to deal with Drake soon enough. Eli says he is going to take all of Lashley's titles from him. Lashley tells Eli that he doesn't have time for Eli's challenge because he has history to make tonight. As Bobby walks away, He walks past Knockouts champ Sienna and eyes her title. She tells Bobby to not get cute as Lashley laughs.

A meeting between The Hardy brothers is shown where ladders are set up outside the ring in an empty Impact Zone. Broken Matt Hardy gives Brother Nero a strategy session for tonight's ladder match. Matt tells Jeff that he will watch him while he goes at it alone.

Eli Drake is now in the ring. He gets a loud "Dummy Yeah" chant from the crowd. Drake complains about not being on last week's Impact. He mocks James Storm and his videos last week and his loss to Bobby Lashley. Drake then talks about his meeting backstage earlier with "Bobbo". Drake claims Bobby is scared of him and that Lashley's announcement should be that he doesn't have enough "tingle in his loins" to face him because that's a Fact of Life. Out comes Mahabali Shera. Drake tells Shera that he didn't ask for a cross eyed halfwit to come out here. Shera in broken English steals Drake's catchphrase and challenges him.


All Shera early on. Mahabali using his power to control the match. It doesn't last long as Drake catches Shera in a mistake and hits the blunt forced trauma for the quick victory.


Backstage, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan confront Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he has no answers for Dixie and Billy. He acts and they will react when he makes his big announcement in the ring.

Back from the commercial break. Bobby Lashley arrives to the ring with all 3 of his titles that are carried by 2 assistants. They hold them up in the ring while Lashley gets on the mic. Bobby says that after 13 years of being a wrestler. He has learned that the best of the best hold gold and he holds all of them. Bobby had one mission in mind when he set out to capture all the titles. He calls out Dixie Carter and TNA president Billy Corgan to tell them what that mission is. Bobby tells Dixie and Billy that he has all the power and he is a businessman making both of them richer. Dixie and Billy applaud Lashley for what he has accomplished. They want to know what he wants to do next. Lashley announces that he wants to unify all 3 titles into one and make it an undisputed title. Dixie states that he has no right to do that. Corgan says Lashley can defend the titles separately but he can't unify them. Corgan states that he calls the shots now. Lashley calls the KOTM title garbage and flings it to the ground vacating it. He says it only means something when he has it. Now that he threw it away. It means nothing. He then grabs the X division title. He calls it the title that built TNA. Lashley says he ripped the heart of that division and that there is no sense in him defending that title against all the X division competitors who can't beat him. So he throws the title on the ground and says the X division title now means nothing. Dixie is outraged at Lashley disrespecting these titles. Lashley walks off with the world title and says, I will see you both at Bound For Glory. As he is walking away, Corgan gets on the mic. Billy says that what he just did is a turning point with this company. "You are going to want to hear this". Dixie Carter tells Bobby Lashley that he will defend the world title before Bound for Glory. An open invitation battle royal will take place next week on Impact, where the winner will face him for the title.

Back from the break. Billy Corgan is backstage holding both vacated titles in his hands. He is asked about what is going to happen to the vacated titles. Corgan states the X division title is important to TNA and that they will crown a new champion soon.

Next week's Impact show is hyped with the open invitation world title shot Battle Royal and The EC3 vs Galloway match with Aron Rex as the referee.



Jeff was announced as Brother Nero and walked slowly to the ring singing the Obsolete entrance song. The show heads to a break as the action begins. Back from the break. The crowd is chanting "brother nero" as all 7 men are battling. A contract is hanging above the ring. First team to get it wins the match. Broken Matt Hardy is not involved in the action as he stands at ringside watching. The Tribunal takes down Jeff as he climbs up the ladder. Matt finally gets involved and begins battling with The Tribunal at ringside. Meanwhile in the ring, The Bro Mans are double teaming Trevor Lee. Back to the outside, "Nero" leaps onto the Tribunal and saves his brother Matt from a beat down. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee get the advantage inside on the Bro Mans. Lee and Everett both get ladders and Matt goes into the ring for the first time to confront them. Matt Hardy bites the hand of Andrew Everett and the ankle of Trevor Lee. He then bites both the faces of The Bro Mans. Broken Matt then goes after Racquel at ringside and starts biting her. An enraged Bro Mans go after Matt and double team him. They take him out and begin to climb the ladder to secure the #1 contenders contract. Baron Dax and Basille Barraca stop them from climbing the ladder. There are now 2 ladders set up in the ring. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is biting Trevor Lee on the outside and starts chasing Racquel around and even threatens the commentators at ringside. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett take out The Bro Mans. Chaotic finish here. Non stop action. Matt is in the ring now. He hits a side effect on Lee onto one of the ladders. Everett flies into the ring and missle drop kicks Matt. Everett is climbing up the ladder to secure the contract. Jeff Hardy runs up the ladder and sacrifices himself to take out Everett. Matt Hardy rises in the ring, grabs the ladder and sets it up over his brother. He then climbs to the top of it and grabs the contract.


Post match. Both brothers celebrate separately to end the show.