Tonight's WWE NXT Episode, WWE Films Interview With Former Superstar (Photo), Fans On Finn Balor

- Tonight's WWE NXT episode will feature Tye Dillinger vs. Blake and The Authors of Pain vs. TM-61, both taped this past Saturday in Brooklyn. The rest of the show will likely be made up of highlights from "Takeover: Brooklyn II" from this past weekend.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans which was more painful to watch - Finn Balor relinquishing his WWE Universal Title on RAW or Brock Lesnar annihilating Randy Orton at SummerSlam. As of this writing, 55% went with Balor being forced to drop the title due to a shoulder injury.

- As seen below, Torrie Wilson recently filmed material with WWE, presumably to air on the WWE Network in the near future.


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