There were some reports this week about NXT Takeover topping WWE SummerSlam as the most watched show of the week on the WWE Network. It should be noted that those rankings use an algorithm that takes into account VOD and when they were added, and they are not based on total views. It's pretty obvious that more people watched SummerSlam live than Takeover. Similarly, it's obvious that more people watched Takeover than the latest episode of Cruiserweight Classic, however the latest list of "Most Popular" shows on the Network has CWC ahead.

As of today, the updated list of the 5 most popular shows of the week on the WWE Network are:

1) WWE SummerSlam
2) Talking Smack
3) NXT (#351)
4) WWE Cruiserweight Classic (S1 E07)
5) NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II