– This Fallout video from tonight’s WWE SmackDown features Chad Gable and Jason Jordan after their latest win. Gable says they’re lighting a fire beneath the other tag teams and raising the competition. Jordan says they want to beat the other teams at their best and they’re re-igniting the tag team division, making SmackDown the place to be.

– WWE taped another Main Event match for this week’s episode after SmackDown went off the air in Bakersfield tonight. The match saw Tyler Breeze and Fandango take on Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. We have updated our original spoiler post with the result.

– This SmackDown Fallout video features Charly Caruso trying to get comments from Heath Slater after his loss to Rhyno. Slater rants about giving all his time to the company and fans but getting disrespected in return. As seen on SmackDown, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were prepared to offer Slater a contract, despite the loss, but he stormed off.