WWE CWC Competitor On Possibly Joining RAW's Cruiserweight Division, John Cena Being His Dream Match

The Sun recently interviewed WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Noam Dar. Below are a couple of highlights:

Possibly being a part of RAW's Cruiserweight division:

"Obviously WWE is the place I want to work full-time. To actually come here and get this experience of it even if it's just for the remainder of this tournament or just for this week it's been fantastic. It's always been a dream to come to WWE."

His dream match:

"If you're talking dream match, you have to say John Cena. In my opinion he's the best wrestler in the world. There are so many great guys but there's nobody who works harder than him. I'm a big Cena fan."

Dar also discussed having a grounded style, Eddie Guerrero being his original wrestling hero, the British wrestling style and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Sun


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