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As CWC begins, we take a look at footage of the first round matches. Round 2 begins tonight! Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the 2nd round. They throw it to Corey Graves in the CWC Control Center in quite the unique outfit. Graves hypes Ibushi vs. Alexander, but introduces us to the competitors in the first match of the evening.

Gran Metalik vs. Tajiri

Both competitors out to a nice reaction. Will definitely see a contrast of styles in this one. They shake hands and the bell is rang. Mat wrestling early on to a standoff. Big shoulder tackle from Tajiri and the two exchange arm drags and counter the other's moves. Another stalemate as we hit the reset button. Metalik locks in a leg submission but Tajiri counters into one of his own. Was not expecting this to be a submission match but it's fun nonetheless. After a series of pins, Metalik regains control with an arm drag into a submission. Tajiri's chops almost cave in Metalik's chest, but the luchador counters and sends the Japanese veteran to the outside. Tajiri ducks a kick, misses an elbow, and is met with a super kick. Action heads back inside as Tajiri regains control with a buzzsaw kick that doesn't quite land flush but locks in a series of submissions. Metalik smartly gets to the road. Huge kick from Tajiri, but Metalik lands an open handed slap to the chest, but Tajiri lands an enziguiri. Metalik with a springboard drop kick and looks to fly. Somersault Plancha from Metalik to Tajir outside the ring. Tight rope elbow drop from Metalik for a two. A back elbow from Metalik for another two. Tajiri out of a submission with a big mule kick. Tajiri slings Metalik to the corner and hangs him in the Tree of Woe. Big baseball slide like dropkick and covers Metalik for a two. They trade kicks. Tajiri locks in a painful submission on Metalik but fights out with kicks. More counters, but Metalik able to get Tajiri up and nails him with a Metalik Driver. One, two, and three! Great match to kick off the second round.

Winner via Pinfall: Gran Metalik

We join Graves back in the control room and we go to tonight's main event! Only two matches on tonight's episode.

Cedric Alexander vs. Kota Ibushi

This was touted as being "the best match in Full Sail history." I have not read any spoilers, so I'm along for the ride as well and hope it lives up the to the hype.

Respectful handshake gets us started. 20 minute time limit for second round matches as well. Snapmare takedown from Alexander but Ibushi fights out. Both men feeling each other out trading holds and resetting. Alexander with an arm submission but reversed again. Deep arm drags traded but counters galore. Each competitor respecting the other's abilities so far. Fantastic exchanges so far. Side head lock from Alexander. Ibushi tries multiple times to slip out but Alexander holds on. Back elbow from Alexander that lands flush. Ibushi lands a stiff kick to the chest. Thought guns weren't allowed in Full Sail, my goodness! Ibushi goes for a flying moonsault but comes up empty. Alexander with a tossing suicide dive and lands it! Action back inside and Alexander hits an aerodynamically awesome flying clothesline. Alexander with chops to maintain control as the crowd shows their appreciation for the match. Multiple covers from Alexander for a pair of two's. Alexander catches an Ibushi kick and lands a stiff open hand chop. These two guys are beating the tar out of each other. Ibushi just landed one of the loudest drop kicks I have ever seen or heard. Alexander is down. Both men trade elbows. Ibushi hits a standing somersault for a two! Second time is the charm as Ibushi hits the springboard moonsault to the outside. Crowd chanting "fight forever!" Ibushi rolls Alexander back into the ring for a long two count. Alexander hits a driver and covers Ibushi for a two. Are we in Japan?!? How much is left in their arsenal? Alexander hits a brain buster for a two. Super kick for a two! I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke! Alexander heads to the top. Ibushi hits a German, followed by a roundhouse kick, and absolutely drills Alexander with a Golden Star Powerbomb. Ibushi wins!

Winner via Pinfall: Kota Ibushi

Crowd chants "both these guys" after the match, as well they should. I can't put that match over enough. Too many highlights to do the replays justice.

Next week, Akira Tozawa takes on Jack Gallagher. Noam Dar will face off against HoHo Lun. Lastly, The Brian Kendrick will take on Tony Nese. Looks like another fun show.

We cut back to the arena as the crowd chants thank you to an emotional Cedric Alexander. The crowd chants "please sign Cedric" and Triple H comes out and shakes Alexander's hand and gives the crowd a thumbs up, as if to say "I got you." Very cool moment.

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