WWE NXT Live Event Results From Winter Haven (8/4): Hideo Itami Headlines, Aliyah, Rich Swann, More

Thanks to Tara for the following WWE NXT live event results from Thursday's show in Winter Haven, Florida:

* Rich Swann defeated Noah Potjes with a nice kick

* Hugo Knox defeated Tino Sabbatellli

* Sara Lee defeated Liv Morgan in a somewhat sloppy match

* King Konstantine defeated Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe tried to work with him but Konstantine needs a lot of work still

* Aliyah defeated Mandy Rose after Mandy issued an open challenge. Not much going on here either but Aliyah debuted a new theme song

* Steve Cutler cut a decent promo in the ring and knocked reality stars in NXT

* The Authors of Pain defeated Niko Bogojevic and Tucker Knight in a decent big man match

* Hideo Itami defeated Blake in the main event. Match of the night but that's not saying much tonight. Hideo busted Blake's mouth with a kick at one point


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