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We kickoff NXT backstage with Bobby Roode and William Regal exiting Mr. Regal's office. Who will Bobby Roode's first match be against?

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show and hypes Samoa Joe vs. Mojo Rawley for later tonight.

We head to the ring where William Regal introduces us to the competitors for the Women's Championship, Bayley and Asuka, for the contract signing. Both ladies come out to a nice reception and look great sans ring gear. Gives it a bit more important feel. Bayley grabs the mic before signing her contract and says she has competed against the best in NXT and was always billed as the underdog. The underdog became champ at Brooklyn last year. Bayley says she wasn't truly ready for her match vs. Asuka at Dallas, but she is now. Bayley says the "Asuka mystique" is now gone for her. Asuka grabs a mic and says Bayley doesn't have what it takes to beat her, but she respects her. Bayley says she respects Asuka as well, but she better be ready for the biggest fight in her life. The contracts are sign and the handshake goes array as the two face off to end the segment. I dig the new edge from Bayley and looking forward to what should be a great match.

We take a look backstage as the great Paul Ellering is talking to his team, the Authors of Pain. They're in action next. We're back from a short break and get ready for tag action.

Authors of Pain vs. Rob Ryzin and Adrian Nails

First of all, I love these two guys (the jobbers). Both Authors of pain hammering Nails into the mat. Nails is thrown to the other side of the ring and inadvertently tags in a reluctant Ryzin. AOP quickly destructs Ryzin and Nails as they pick them up and slam their backs against the other into power bombs. AOP hits their finisher for the quick win.

Winners via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

After the match, TM-61 come out to make the save as AOP go after Ryzin and Nails after the match. Not the best decision they've ever made, as AOP quickly dispatches of them as well.

Backstage with Shinsuke Nakamura and he is asked whether he's worried about Samoa Joe vowing to find him and take him out before Takeover. Nakamura says he's not a hard guy to find and that he will find Joe when he wants. We head back to the ring for singles action.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Angelo Dawkins

Almas out to a solid pop and Dawkins gets a full ring entrance. Dawkins actually kind of over with the Full Sail crowd, which I assume stems from the Florida live events. A bit of chain wrestling to get us started but Almas flips out and lands a snapping headscissors takedown. Dawkins getting some offense with a big right hand and a splash to the corner. After a bit of back and forth, Almas lands a springboard dropkick. A series of forearms puts Dawkins lifeless in the corner and Almas hits his double knees, but it is no longer his finisher. Almas pops Dawkins with a sweet Hammerlock DDT for the three and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

After the match, Bobby Roode's GLORIOUS music hits and he heads down to the ring. Roode runs down Almas' win after "congratulating" him. Roode says he talked to Mr. Regal earlier and says that NXT Brooklyn needs something more formal and glorious. Bobby Roode will have a match vs. Almas at NXT Brooklyn. Almas takes the high road and doesn't retaliate for whatever reason. Corey Graves was all sorts of fantastic in that segment.

This is turning into "NXT Takeover: Backstage" tonight as he head to the back again with Austin Aries in Mr. Regal's office. Aries wants an opponent for NXT: Brooklyn. Regal declares that Aries will face No Way Jose at Takeover. Let's go to the ring for women's division action!

Billie Kay vs. Liv Morgan

Billie Kay almost reminds of the way Aksana was presented several years ago, only with talent. Liv Morgan out for a nice pop and some new gear. They lock up and Billie Kay lands a shoulder tackle off an Irish whip. Fun exchange with some acrobatics that concludes with a springboard headscissors take down from Morgan to Kay. Billie Kay doesn't take it lightly and delivers a big right hand to regain control. Rear chin lock from Billie Kay as Liv Morgan tries to fight out to no avail. Morgan regains control with forearms, lariats, and a monkey flip. Billie Kay avoids a kick and lands a big boot of her own for the three.

Winner via Pinfall: Billie Kay

Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, and Noam Dar are shown at ringside. We take a look at video from the Gargano/Ciampa match from last week's CWC.

Backstage again in Mr. Regal's office as he looks to finalize the card for NXT Brooklyn. Regal announces Ciampa and Gargano will face The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships the night before SummerSlam.

We see a vignette for Ember Moon, who debuts at NXT Brooklyn. Back out to the ring for tag team action.

Johhny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Patrick Clark & Tucker Knight

Gargano and Clark start us off and Clark takes over early with a side head lock. Gargano turns the table and sits down on an arm bar. Tag to Ciampa as they hit a double team move. Tucker Knight into the match off a tag. The big man moves pretty well and hits a big splash to full speed ahead. Action gets fast and furious as Gargano hits a spear through the ropes. Gargano and Ciampa line up for their finisher and execute the double kicks and it's good(k)night for Tucker.

Winners via Pinfall: Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

We take a look at Hideo Itami's return last week.

Mojo Rawley backstage with a bit more serious and intense promo. A bit of character development for the Hype Bro.

Mojo Rawley vs. NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Mojo taking it to Joe right away and mowing Joe over with shoulder tackles and a football tackle. The action spills outside and Joe ducks a shot and sends Mojo into the stairs. Stiff chops and strikes from Joe but Rawley retaliates with strikes of his own. Joe able to whip Mojo into the corner with a reverse splash followed by a Pele kick. Joe in firm control now and drops an elbow. Mojo with another comeback but denied as the champ runs him over. Joe perches Mojo on the top rope and goes for a Muscle Buster but Mojo counters and hits a flying clothes line. Modified full Nelson slam from Rawley but doesn't get all of it. Mojo slings Joe in the corner and goes for a splash but Joe catches him and spikes him into the mat. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Rawley tries to hold on, but is forced to tap. That his to be Mojo's best showing to date.

Winner via Submission: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe locks in the clutch again but Nakamura's music hits and he releases. Nakamura leisurely makes his way to the ring but security beats him to the punch and holds Joe back. As Joe fights security, Nakamura pinches Joe's nose of all things and laughs. Another slap from Nakamura to the champ as we go off the air.

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