The following is from our live coverage of WWE SummerSlam. To access our full coverage, click here.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes AJ Styles as Greg Hamilton does the introduction. John Cena is out next. Fans do dueling chants for the two as we get the bell. Back and forth to start.

AJ ends up hitting a nice dropkick but shows off too much and gets floored by Cena. Cena whips AJ hard into the corner a few times. Cena keeps control as fans start singing their own version of his theme song. Cena tries for an Attitude Adjustment on the apron but AJ counters and suplexes Cena on the apron. They both fall to the mat. They come back in and Cena hits a big backdrop for a 1 count. Cena goes on and hits a dropkick for another pin attempt.

Cena goes on and hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle and AA. Styles counters and hits the Styles Clash but Cena kicks out. More back and forth with big moves from both men. Cena catapults Styles into the corner and hits a TKO for a close 2 count. Styles with another roll up for 2. He misses a big right hand. Styles fights off the STF. Styles uses a modified AA on Cena but Cena kicks out at 2.

More close calls and big shots between the two. AJ with a rolling German suplex and a facebuster for a 2 count. Styles springboards in but Cena catches him in the STF. Styles turns Cena into the crossface. Cena powers up with AJ on his shoulders but AJ fights out and rolls Cena into the Calf Crusher. Cena rolls out and applies the STF. It’s broken and AJ hits an enziguri. Styles runs into an elbow. Cena with a tornado DDT out of the corner for a 2 count. Cena goes to the top for the big leg drop. He hits it but AJ kicks out at 2.

AJ ends up hitting a big hurricanrana out of the corner and a Phenomenal Forearm for a close 2 count. Cena ends up dropping AJ with a solid clothesline. Cena takes AJ back to the corner for a super AA from the second rope. AJ fights him off but Cena nails it. AJ still kicks out at 2. Cena is shocked. Cena stares AJ down as he tries to get back to his feet. Cena scoops AJ for another AA but Styles counters and hits another Clash. AJ can’t make the pin and rolls to the apron instead. AJ springboards in and nails the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the bell, the crowd pops as we get replays. AJ makes his exit with his arms in the air as Cena recovers and looks on from the ring as Charles Robinson checks on him. AJ leaves and Cena sits in the middle of the ring as some fans cheer him. Cena leaves one of his bands, a piece of himself, in the ring and makes his exit.