WWE Superstar Wants To Host SNL, Fans On If Noelle Foley Will Make It In WWE, Heath Slater - Rhyno

- Above is video from last night's "Talking Smack" episode with Rhyno, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. Slater compares their relationship to the movie "Step Brothers" and says Rhyno beat him up once, then felt sorry for him.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans if they think Noelle Foley will make it as a WWE Superstar. As of this writing, 66% went with, "Yes. We will see her competing inside a WWE ring one day." The rest voted, "No. It's extremely difficult to reach the level of being a WWE Superstar."

- Could this tweet from Xavier Woods be the first step to WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live? The official SNL Twitter asked fans who they think should host the show this season. Woods replied:


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