WWE Talking Smack Recap (8/30): Daniel Bryan - Miz Fallout, AJ Styles, Backlash Match Set, Slater



"Talking Smack" is supposed to be the weekly post show for Smackdown Live but in reality, this week's show is kind of a post show for last week's news making episode. Hard to follow that one up. Can't expect the same kind of fireworks. In truth, Talking Smack has been an entertaining and refreshing addition to the Smackdown Live brand and the WWE network. If it wasn't for The Miz "shoot" style eruption last week. The headlines would have been Daniel Bryan's negative take on Brock Lesnar's actions at SummerSlam and Nikki Bella being attacked on the show by Carmella. This week's show should be an intriguing follow up.

* Renee Young and Daniel Bryan welcome the audience to this week's edition of Talking Smack. Renee asks Daniel how he is doing. Daniel laughs and brings up the elephant in the room. Bryan apologizes to Renee for walking off the set last week. Bryan says he probably shouldn't have said what he did to The Miz. He states that he and Miz know how to push each other's buttons. Daniel states that it is hard for him to not be able to return to the ring. Renee presses him about it. Daniel touches on the subject. Bryan says Miz was right about him not quitting the WWE and wrestling. Except for the part about working bingo halls. He says that he would wrestle in the Tokyo dome. "Just ask AJ Styles about that"

* Daniel Bryan says he and The Miz are going to be kept separate from now on in but he has an announcement for Backlash. The Miz will defend the IC title against Dolph Ziggler. Daniel then goes over the entire Backlash card. Renee and Daniel Bryan talk about how all the Smackdown Live wrestlers are stepping up. Bryan mentions Heath Slater and even Gary The Milkman Millman. Bryan starts a Milkman chant on set.

* Heath Slater can be heard in the background and arrives on the set with Rhyno. Rhyno is showing the effects of the facial injury he suffered on the show. Heath apologizes to Bryan and Shane again for mistaking them for Stephanie and Foley a few weeks ago. Heath and Daniel discuss Bryan's beard vs Mick Foley's. Heath Slater talks about the chants he has been getting from the crowd about being a woman. Rhyno calls Heath Slater pretty. Slater offers Daniel Bryan the opportunity to baby sit his kids. As a way of preparing Daniel for his potential future as a father. Slater thanks Bryan for his chance at the tag titles and talks about how much he is on fire. Rhyno calls Heath the hottest free agent. Renee asks Rhyno if he can split his contract with Slater. Rhyno says no but states that he has not held a tag title in the states and that is his chance to be a tag team champion. Renee asks if they are on the Hype Train. Heath says that they are going to derail them. Their preparation is going to be water aerobics in Heath's above ground pool. Renee asks Rhyno if they have come up with a team name. Rhyno suggests Beauty and The Man Beast. With himself being the beauty. Slater compares his relationship to Rhyno to the movie Step Brothers. Renee asks Heath how many kids he has. Heath counts with his fingers, 7 or 8. Renee asks Heath if he and Rhyno live together. They say no. Daniel Bryan cues for Heath Slater to leave now because he is not a contracted player. Slater says he prefers the Daniel Bryan with fire that he used to know. Slater drops the mic on the set and leaves.

* Renee brings back the conversation to how Daniel Bryan can no longer provoke talent. Bryan says he is used to provoking people in a buildup for a match. So he has to train himself to not provoke talent. The conversation shifts to The current storyline between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Bryan compliments Randy Orton's in ring ability and psychology. Bryan says Orton was the best technical wrestler, He has ever been in the ring with. Quite a compliment. Bryan jokingly refers to Bray Wyatt as a magician for his ability to disappear. The next topic is Carmella's latest attack on Nikki tonight. Renee talks about Carmella being called the "Bootleg" Nikki Bella and how that has motivated her to make a statement..... (In reality, I think fans were calling Carmella, The bootleg female Enzo).

* Next up on the show is AJ Styles. Styles is still selling the injury to what he calls his "Jesus Zipper" on the show. Bryan mocks AJ's phrase. Bryan and AJ joke about who is taller between them. AJ blames the chair he is sitting in for appearing shorter. The interview shifts to Dean Ambrose. Bryan asks AJ if he has ever faced Ambrose on the indy's. AJ takes issue with Bryan calling Randy Orton the best technical wrestler that Bryan has ever been in the ring with. Bryan doesn't respond. Styles says that he has never wrestled Ambrose and looks forward to winning the WWE World Title. Daniel Bryan asks AJ Styles if he is ready to take John Cena's spot if he becomes the WWE champion. AJ talks about his 4 kids and his priorities at home but he feels that he can do all of the charity work that Cena does. Styles talks about his love for kids. Daniel Bryan asks AJ Styles what his kids think of him being in The WWE after he was in TNA and Japan. AJ talks about how his kids tell other kids that AJ is now in the WWE and how they are impressed.

* Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles start talking about stealing catch phrases. Daniel Bryan admits to stealing Diego Sanchez's YES chant except his was a variation of that chant. Bryan asks AJ, How does he compare all of his accomplishments like winning the IWGP title to beating John Cena. AJ says SummerSlam was bigger than WrestleMania for him. AJ says he is the best and can beat anyone in the industry. He stares at Bryan who jokingly says he can't respond. Bryan then jokes and asks Styles to spell conundrum. Referring to his Apollo Crews spelling bee segment on Smackdown. Styles doesn't do it. Renee cues that the show is over.

Show Closing Thoughts:

As expected, A tame follow up to last week's show. Last week's show was a 5 star meal. This week's show by comparison was crackers and cheese whiz from Heath Slater's significant other "Beulah". The show on it's own is a quick and easy 30 minute watch. No angles were shot on the show like last week's Carmella deal but I do expect to see some more of that in the future. Very reminiscent of how the WWE used to shoot angles on their Prime Time Wrestling show. This show compliments the Smackdown Live brand well and Renee and Daniel have great chemistry.


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