Backstage Heat On WWE Title Holder For An Odd Reason

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that TJ Perkins has backstage heat. Meltzer stated that people in the business are upset with him for talking about being homeless in the past because so many independent wrestlers have been in similar situations and have lost their homes.

"People are telling me that there's too many guys [saying], 'we were just like that too, what's so special about that'," Meltzer said.

Perkins has been doing the media rounds lately and has been talking about being homeless and evicted in the past, and said that it has helped to motivate him.

"I'm not a terribly sentimental guy, but I kept a lot of old stuff from that time in my life," Perkins told For The Win last week. "I have my food stamps card from when I was homeless. I also have the key to the first place where I got evicted from.

"There were many places where I got evicted from, but I still had that first key. It was a simple reminder for years of the places I couldn't go back to. The further away it's gotten, the more motivating it became to me because I didn't have to go back there. I didn't really think about it until I was in the ring after the match. That was the first thing in my mind: I don't have to stay at that key."

Source: F4WOnline


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