Cesaro Talks Tim Wiese At The WWE PC, Billie Kay Says She's Back On Track (Video), Dolph Ziggler

- After defeating Aliyah on tonight's WWE NXT episode, Billie Kay appears in this Fallout video and says she's back on track to the NXT Women's Title and that started with the win over Aliyah.

- WWE congratulated Dolph Ziggler on being inducted into the Kent State University Varsity "K" Hall of Fame this past weekend with an article at this link. Ziggler commented:

"I had a very fun career there. We did a lot of cool things, we won a conference championship, [and] a lot of special bonds [were] made with friends who I still talk to to this day. I started wrestling when I was five. I lost my first match and cried in front of my dad, and I never wanted to do that again. I grew from that day on, and when I get up there I will have a couple of people to thank."

- As noted, Cesaro recently visited German athlete Tim Wiese at the WWE Performance Center as he trains to be a pro wrestler. Cesaro spoke to Sky Sports about their meeting:

"I wanted to see what he was made of and he was moving pretty good. It is a big change from football the real football, if any Americans are reading to wrestling but he definitely has the build for it. I gave him some tips but he will have to go through some adjustments WWE is not just a job, it's a lifestyle, and it's not for everybody. He says he wants it so now he has the chance to prove it it's all up to him."


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