Chris Benoit Biopic Gets New Director, The Rock Rips Trolls And Reveals Two Things He Can't Do Well

- The Rock took part in a YouTube Q&A yesterday, which you can check out in the video above. There weren't any wrestling related questions. The Rock did say that the only two things that he wasn't good at were golf and making white babies. He also responded to a couple of trolls, including one that told him to "die," joking that he knows a lot of government officials in high places and can make that person "go away." Another person ripped Rock for being a grown man with a YouTube channel and compared it to a grown man that doesn't know how to jump rope. Rock replied that he would knock the person's teeth down their throats if he sees them on the streets, and then he'll jump rope.

- The long-rumored Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, may finally be seeing the light of day. Director Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans, Marvel's Punisher: War Zone, Lifted) confirmed on Twitter that she has signed on to direct the biopic. The movie was at one point scheduled to be directed by Vicente Amorim (Dirty Hearts, Good, The Middle of the World).

Alexander tweeted the following on the project:


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