CM Punk On People Comparing Him To Brock Lesnar, If He Thinks He'll Win His UFC 203 Fight

As noted, CM Punk spoke with Inside MMA to promote his upcoming UFC 203 fight with Mickey Gall. They posted more highlights from the interview, which you can watch above.

During the interview, Punk noted that people will compare him to Brock Lesnar because they both worked in pro wrestling. Punk said that Lesnar was in his own category and that you can't compare anyone to Lesnar.

Punk once again said that he 100% expects to beat Gall and that this fight "isn't a one-and-done." He said that he's worked too hard for it to be a one-and-done.

"I'm not trying to do this to be famous," Punk said. "You boil it down, and it's a guy that always wanted to do this [and] was married to a completely different industry and left it all to do something that he always wanted to do."


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