CM Punk Talks UFC 203 Loss, Fighting Again, Gets Emotional When Talking AJ Lee's Reaction (Video)

Above is CM Punk's post-fight press conference after UFC 203, where he lost to Mickey Gall via first round submission. Punk said that the process was magical, but he's beating himself up more than he was beat up and once again called it the second best day of his life. Below are some highlights from the presser:

* Punk said if he could change anything, he would have thrown his right hand faster. It was part of his game plan, because of what little tape they had on Mickey Gall, no one had pressured him.

* He said that he doesn't want to get cut by the UFC, but he can see it happening. He wants to keep fighting. He said that he looks like the Elephant Man right now and said that he needs to get back to the drawing board.

* When asked why he ultimately chose "Cult of Personality" to come out because "it's an awesome song."

* Punk got emotional when talking about being disappointed in himself, and admitted that he's really hard on himself. "I lost, and it sucks, and it was lopsided and it's upsetting, but I know I'm better than that."

* Punk was asked what wife AJ Lee said to him after the fight. He got more emotional, composed himself and then said that AJ just said that she was proud of him.

* He asked if he got what he happened, and Punk replied no and that he wanted to win. He said that he felt like he let his coaching staff down.

* He would get back to the gym Monday if he could, but doesn't think they'll let him because of his ear.

* Punk was asked what he was saying to Mickey after the fight. Punk said that Mickey would say that he felt like he [Mickey] didn't belong in the UFC, but Punk told him to not put himself down. Even if he doesn't believe he should be on the main card, he is.

* Punk said that he hasn't talked to Dana White yet. He noted that he didn't fight a good fight.


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