Daniel Bryan Talks John Cena Breaking His Own Rules, Comic Writer Wants Cena In Superhero Movie

- As noted, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and The Bellas Twins appeared on NBC's TODAY this morning to promote next week's season premiere of Total Bellas, as seen in the video above. In a clip from Total Bellas that was played, Bryan and Brie talk about moving out of Cena's house on the day that they had moved in because of Cena's strict rules. Brie said that some of Cena's rules include making your bed every day and meeting for morning coffee. Bryan noted that "John missed more morning coffees than anybody."


- Speaking of Cena, comic book writer Mark Millar spoke to ComicBook.com (Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Civil War, Kick-Ass) about the film adaptation for his comic series Superior, and why Cena would be perfect for the lead role. Millar saw Trainwreck last week, and tweeted about how he was impressed with Cena's performance in the movie. Millar said that Superior was "a fun story, the concept being Big meets Superman, so it needs to be someone who can pull off the comedy."

"I was texting people before the movie [Trainwreck] had even finished!" Millar said. "He was in that picture with four top-of-their-game comedians and he stole the entire movie. He was so, so funny. His comic-timing is just impeccable and he looks very thoughtful too. He immediately went to the top of my own personal list in terms of who I'd be suggesting once the script comes in this week and the studio formally starts going out to actors at some point.


"John physically looks perfect for the part, but that's only 10% of why I think he works," Millar added. "It's the heart of the character he seems to embody very well and I love the fact that he's done more Make A Wish hospital visits than any other actor or athlete in America. I think he's done around 500 of them now and that just seems incredibly in keeping with the character. This was one single tweet at the weekend, a thought out loud when I was watching a movie and it went everywhere, which is usually a sign that you're onto something interesting."

Millar added that he's been in touch with Cena, and he's told the rest of his team that Cena is his "absolute favorite choice" for the role.