DDP On Which Stars WWE Should Push, Talks Auditioning For Dusty Rhodes Over The Phone

A brand new episode of X-Pac 1,2,360 with special guest Diamond Dallas Page is available now, which you can watch above or listen to at this link. They sent us these highlights:

His late night phone audition with Mike Graham and Dusty Rhodes:

"He goes, what the hell's the matter with you? I go, I got strep throat. He goes, I don't want to hear that. I got Dusty Rhodes here. I want to put you on the phone with him. I want you to blow him away like he's the biggest mark on the planet. I'm like, Mike, Mike, no, no. I've got strep throat. Show him my video tape I sent you. He said, can't, VCR's broken. Here you go. Dusty gets on the phone. I hear hello, I go, good God! Dusty Rhodes! The Tower of Power, the Man of the Hour. I went through everything he ever said. I stole everything from everything and a few of my own things in there. I did about forty-five minutes of speed rapping and I go, that's all I got, Dusty. I got strep throat. I don't hear anything. I'm thinking, did he hang up on me? It felt like five minutes. It was probably ten seconds. And then I hear, was that a recording, kid? I said, no Dusty. It's me. He goes, I like your energy. I'll tell you what… And then he brought me up and I came up the next week."

Current wrestlers who should be getting pushed:

"[Dolph] Ziggler's another crazy, amazing freakin' technician, unbelievable. I still don't understand why they don't push him through the roof, because the guy's got the look, he can talk, and he can work as good or better. Another guy I love a lot is Bray [Wyatt]. I think to me he could be the Undertaker. I mean if I was booking then he'd be undefeated and we'd go for another fifteen or twenty years with him at Mania. And I don't understand why he's not getting a monster push. And I only watch occasionally. But I know talent and those two guys are ridiculously talented."


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