Edge On "Rock The Promo", Chris Jericho Donates To Rico Constantino, WWE Fans On Mick Foley As GM

- Above is the 9th episode of The Rock's "Rock The Promo" show with WWE Hall of Famer Edge in the guest role. Edge recaps the previous 8 episodes and looks to next week's season finale with The Rock in Las Vegas.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans how they would grade Mick Foley's performance as RAW General Manager so far: A - Foley has been fantastic, B - Foley has done a solid job, C - Foley has been satisfactory, D- Foley needs to do a much better job if he wants to keep the job for much longer or F - Foley has been terrible and should be fired as GM. As of this writing, 32% have given Foley a B while 28% gave him an A, 18% gave him a C and the rest are tied at D and F.

- As noted, a GoFundMe has been setup to help former WWE star Rico Constantino battle his serious health issues at this link. Chris Jericho re-tweeted the campaign earlier today and made a donation of $3,000 under his real name, Chris Irvine. The campaign currently has raised $3,527 of a $10,000 goal with 31 people in 2 days.

Jericho wrote with the donation: "Rico is a stand up guy and a great performer!"


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