Exclusive News On Alberto Del Rio Meeting With Wrestling Promotion, More On Paige Returning To WWE

AAA formally met with Alberto Del Rio this week. Dorian Roldan has told those in his inner circle that he is confident he can beat CMLL for his services. Nothing was discussed about Del Rio doing Lucha Underground. He has his issues with Lucha Underground with how he was used during his last run.


Paige was with Alberto for his meetings and for last week's media event in Mexico City. AAA did not and cannot discuss any business with Paige as she is still under a deal with WWE until 2019.

As noted, Del Rio will be appearing at this weekend's World Association of Wrestling (WAW) events on Friday and Saturday in Norwich. The promotion is owned by Ricky Knight, Paige's father. WAW posted the photo below on their Facebook page of Paige and Del Rio in the U.K. In the comments on the photo, Paige's brother Zak noted that Paige "hasn't left [WWE]" and "is back on the road with WWE from Monday..."