– Goldberg recently auctioned a custom Auction Americas belt at Auctions America in Auburn, as seen in the video above. At the event, he made reference to the controversy over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has been sitting or kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest.

“In a day and age where you have professional athletes not willing to stand and honor that flag, I’m up here to say I’m completely against that,” Goldberg said. “There’s no cause worth fighting for when you step on the people who have tread the ground for you, who have sacrificed lives, who have fought for nothing but that flag.”

Entertainment Weekly has an article here about The Rock’s upcoming Disney animated film Moana. It features comments from Lin-Manuel Miranda from this past May, who did the music for the movie and noted that he used Rock’s WWE past to write for his character.

“He really sings, and he sings really well,” Miranda said. “The only thing I had to prep me, because I wrote his big tune, was there was a while in the WWE when he was a bad guy, and he’d go into town and he’d pull out a guitar and he’d sing about how much he hated the town he was in just to get everyone to boo. So I watched this supercut on YouTube of him being like, [sings, mimics strumming a guitar] ‘Can’t wait to get out of Chicago, it’s the worst’ and they’re all going ‘Boo!’ So I was like, ‘Okay, that’s his vocal range,’ and I wrote within that.”

– As noted yesterday, it appeared as the long-rumored Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, might be seeing the light of day. Director Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans, Marvel’s Punisher: War Zone, Lifted) stated on Twitter that she has signed on to direct the biopic. For what it’s worth, Alexander tweeted today that Sarah Coulter – who has never written a Hollywood movie – will be writing the script, so this may all be a gag: