Jim Ross On If Seth Rollins Will Work As A Babyface, WWE Pushing AJ Styles And Kevin Owens

TSN interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who was promoting his upcoming Ringside show in Toronto on November 20th. Below are a couple of highlights:

Seth Rollins as a babyface:

"I think once [Rollins] gets engaged in an issue with an established villain, once the hero is wronged illegally, once he's faced with seemingly challenging odds, all that babyface stuff will start filtering his way. He has always wrestled ? with his athleticism and high-flying stuff ? as a fan favourite, so he doesn't have to change that. I think the subtle things ? maybe his promo work will be tweaked a little bit, but he's got to have a cause. Once his cause is established with an established villain, it will take care of itself."


AJ Styles and Kevin Owens as WWE's World Champions:

"The WWE has done really well. They gave a hungry Kevin Owens ? a Canadian that's loved wrestling since he's been alive ? and A.J., an overachiever, an amazing athlete and those are their two champions. So I think if that's an illustration of where they're headed, I kind of like their athletic direction."

JR also discussed Brock Lesnar fighting again, why his pairing with Jesse Ventura did not work in WCW, AJ Styles' success in WWE and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: TSN