Kevin Nash Talks Relating To Roman Reigns, John Cena Doing The Impossible, WWE Network Royalties

Recently, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were guests on WWE Network's Legends With JBL. Among other things, Nash talked about John Cena's incredible WWE run, past performers complaining about WWE Network, and relating to Roman Reigns' ongoing struggles to get over in WWE.


In Nash's view, Cena has done the impossible by being a white meat babyface in the modern era.

"To me, like, John Cena has done what is almost impossible in the modern era and that is to be a white hat babyface and there's no grey matter to him." Nash added, "nobody [has] done it better than him for as long as he has."

Also during the interview, Nash admitted that he relates to Roman Reigns insofar as he was made WWE Champion without much experience as well.

"I lived it. I said, I went to the Royal Rumble in Providence [Rhode Island] and threw 11 guys out in a row and they chanted 'Diesel' for the first time. And then, they go with you, as soon as you're anointed, and they know that you're the office's choice, all bets are off because now you're getting a push."


According to the real Diesel, people who complain about not getting paid by WWE for WWE Network content are forgetting that the Network has introduced them to another generation of fans who otherwise would not know them.

"For us now, this Network, you go to a signing and 70% of the people wanting your autograph are eight to ten year old kids." Nash continued, "I love the guys who say, 'oh, well, we're not getting a piece of the Network'. You should get a piece! What do you mean? I get a piece of the Network every day of my life! I walk through some place [and get recognized due to WWE Network], like, you're immortalized by this Network. Like, what do you not get about that?"

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