Chris Yandek recently spoke with Lanny Poffo. You can check out the full interview on Yandek’s website at this link. Below are highlights:

How poetry became part of his WWE gimmick on an episode of Tuesday Night Titans:

“When we went to black, which as you know is when you go to commercial, Vince McMahon said, ‘Lanny, that was great. From now on, you do a poem before every match.’ And I pretended to be cool about it. I just said ok. But inside I was going, ‘YES!’ And I had a gimmick. So that was it. And then when I became a villain, The Genius, oh man, that was easy. I just went to every city and insulted their sports teams. That was easy. Yeah. ‘Cause there’s no heat like cheap heat.”

What he’s up to today:

“I’m just taking care of my mother. You know, after my father died and my brother died right after, she hit the skids pretty badly. So I sold my house. I moved in with her and she’s gonna be 90 years old January 28th. She’s doing much better. I told her, ‘Do you want to live? Or do you want to die?’ She says, ‘I want to live.’ I said, ‘Then you have to notify your face.’ And I haven’t seen her smile in years. ‘You know, you’re gonna have to smile and laugh.’ And she says, ‘But what after I lost?’ I said, ‘Fake it till you make it.”

WWE inducting his brother “Macho Man” Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame last year, making the decision against Randy’s wishes as he wanted the whole Poffo family to go in at the same time:

“Now my mother was very upset because she knew that Randy’s wishes, she says ‘You can’t do that. This is Randy’s wishes.’ And I said, ‘I am the older brother now. I get to make unpopular decisions. It’s my wishes that are gonna happen. And Macho Man is going in the Hall of Fame because the fans have been suffering enough. On one hand you’ve got one Macho Man, on the other hand you’ve got millions and millions of Macho fans. And if it wasn’t for the Macho fan, the Macho man would not exist. So in a way, I am doing Randy’s biding.'”

Check out the full interview with Poffo at this link.


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