RF Video released this preview of their shoot interview with “Broken” Matt Hardy. In the video, Hardy discussed TNA losing their identity.

“For many, many years the people at Impact Wrestling lost their identity,” Hardy said. “There was a point where they had this X Division and it was truly luxurious when they were highlighting it. But as time has gone on, they lost their way. When Brother Nero Hogan and Brother Nero Bischoff, all they did was rape, pillage and plunder TNA. They almost broke Impact Wrestling down forever.

“Now that I am back with my broken brilliance and I am starting to illuminate a light upon it, I think TNA needs to find out who it is. Impact Wrestling needs to learn its true identity.”

Hardy was also asked what would happen if Vince McMahon was dipped into the pond. Hardy noted that “probably Satan would come out.”

“Yes, probably Satan,” Hardy said. When asked if that was a bit strong, he replied, “Do you know Meekmahan? I worked for him for 13 years… I would love the opportunity to sink my teeth into Meekmahan. It would be a buffet.”

You can check out the full preview in the video above.