Missy Hyatt Talks Brief WWE Run, What Vince McMahon Told Her, Biggest Mistake Ever, Roddy Piper

On episode 358 of The Steve Austin Show, legendary professional wrestling valet Missy Hyatt talked about her brief stint with WWE. Hyatt went on to describe leaving WWE as possibly the biggest mistake of her life.

Hyatt recalled that her brief stay in WWE happened in 1988 and she was there for only three television tapings. As the story goes, Hyatt was contacted by WWE about replacing 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper on Piper's Pit while she was still under contract with UWF.

"I'll never forget when I first met Jim Crockett. Jim Crockett just bought UWF at the time and I was going to WWE. And I walked up to Jim Crockett and I go, 'hi, I'm Missy Hyatt. I want out of my contract. I'm going to WWE and I'm going to get me a doll'. And he's like, 'okay, we'll let you out of your contract'. I said, 'okay, thank you' and I was so happy to go to Vince [McMahon], thinking that, because Vince told me, 'oh, you're going to take over Piper's Pit' and I did all these promos about how it [has] taken a woman take over a man's job. For Piper's Pit, I did these promos like that. And, I mean, Vince had me, 'you're never going to be able to go to the grocery store alone. You're going to have to have security. You're going to be a superstar.'"

'The First Lady Of Wrestling' admitted that her Missy's Manor segment was "horrible" as she was inexperienced, over-scripted, and miscast.
"I was so green. They wanted me to take over Piper's Pit and they had me scripted and I went out there and I did it. And they had me be a babyface and it was so horrible! If you saw the tapes of my Missy's Manor, you'd want to die. Plus, my southern accent was so bad. It was just like, 'hey y'all! How y'all doin' out there?' I mean, it was just horrible."

Hyatt continued, "I begged Vince. I said, 'let me go out there and be Missy Hyatt and be me and let me interview these guys the way I want to interview them'. I didn't even know on one of them to hand the microphone over because I had never done the microphone thing."

Apparently, Hyatt rejected McMahon's suggestion that she become a Federette and returned to UWF. In retrospect, the former manager of 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair acknowledged that leaving WWE was potentially the biggest mistake of her life.

"I went and called Eddie [Gilbert] and Eddie said, 'no, don't do that. Come home. Dusty [Rhodes]'ll give you a job' and so I did. I told Vince, 'no, I can't do it' and that was probably the stupidest thing I ever did in my life because if I would have stayed, who knows? You know? Who knows?"

Hyatt added, "I felt like I had a tail between my legs because I was thinking I was going to become a big superstar and I had to go back to Dusty and I had to go back with my tail between my legs and go back to Jim Crockett and go, 'hi, can I have my job back please?'"

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Source: The Steve Austin Show