More On WWE Buying TNA, Brandi Rhodes On Chaos During WWE Shows, Matt Hardy Has RAW Premonition?

- Sports Illustrated has a Q&A with Brandi Rhodes at this link. One of the questions they asked was what surprised her the most about ring announcing with WWE.

"I don't think people realize how difficult that job really is," Brandi said. "Whenever the show is live, it's usually still being written as it is going on. Many times, I would be on live television and have no idea what the next match is, and I'd have no clue who was coming out next. The last person to know is always the announcer, and it's always your fault if you make a mistake?even if you didn't know. I was always on top of everything and never said the wrong name or the wrong town. It's definitely not an easy task, and people think we wear headsets, but we don't. It's either figure it out or go. I had a pretty lucky run there getting out all of the correct information."


- As noted, Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer that WWE was back "out of the picture" in regards to buying TNA. According to a report from Anthony DiMoro at Forbes, WWE is still involved in negotiations and believes that they "are in a confident buyer's stance." It noted that WWE was comfortable letting the situation play out because they know the pressure that TNA is under.

"I am told that WWE believes that a deal may come down to the final minutes and they are comfortable closing a deal in that scenario," DiMoro wrote. "They also are comfortable letting TNA move forward with their PPV this weekend and TV tapings next week, if they can somehow find the funding."


- Matt Hardy posted this amusing tweet with his reaction to a "monumental premonition" on where he'll be on Monday night: