Rock Disney Costume Pulled, Former WWE Star Trains For Rock's Movie (Video), Ballers Finale Ratings

- As noted, WWE recently profiled former WWE star Vladimir Kozlov for their "Where Are They Now?" feature. It was noted that Kozlov has a role in The Rock's upcoming movie, Fast 8. You can check out Kozlov training for the movie in the video above.

- According to Showbuzz Daily, the season finale of Ballers this past Sunday night averaged 1.103 million viewers. It was up 11% from last week's episode, which drew 998,000 viewers. It was down 30% from the season premiere - which was also the most watched episode of the season - which scored 1.585 million viewers.

- Yahoo Movies! has a story here about Disney pulling a costume based on The Rock's character Maui in the upcoming Disney film, Moana. The costume offended some Pacific Islanders, who compared it to blackface. Marama Fox, a co-leader of New Zealand's indigenous Maori Party and a member of New Zealand's parliament, said that she feels that the movie itself is playing to stereotypes.

"It depicts Maui as a bit of a beefy guy, and not in a good way. That's not the picture I have of the Maui who fished up the North Island, and had a number of feats attributed to him," she said.

You can check out the costume below.

damien demento contributed to this article.


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