Roman Reigns Talks Having Lack Of Direction, Winning WWE U.S. Title, How Rusev Represented The Title

Michael Cole's weekly interview for was with new U.S. Champion Roman Reigns, as seen in the video above. Below are the highlights:

* Roman said that becoming the new U.S. Champion is a blessing. He called the last six months a huge rollercoaster ride. He's experienced highs like winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, as well as some lows. He said that he's had time to reset and re-evaluate things. He said that he now has a new purpose and responsibility with representing the U.S. Championship.

* Cole said that he noticed some frustration from Reigns over the last couple of months and asked what was going on. Reigns said that it was a lack of direction. He loves to compete, but to represent something like the U.S. Championship gives him the mindset that he needs. The U.S. title is a piece of the company that he gets to wear on his shoulder, otherwise he just has a chip on his shoulder. He said that he kept his head down and grinded himself back to the top of the mountain.

* Reigns talked about the great freedoms and opportunities that he's gotten in the U.S., saying that you don't get that in a lot of countries, so holding the U.S. title belt is special. Reigns said that while he struggles from day-to-day on certain things, having the freedom to do what you want and to speak your mind, he's proud of that. He said that you can see what he's fighting for.

* Reigns was asked if he didn't think that Rusev represented the U.S. title in the right way. Reigns took a moment and said that while it's tough to say, he felt that Rusev didn't respect it and that he held the championship over the country's head and was gloating. Reigns said that he doesn't hold the title over anyone's head, he represents it and carries it for the U.S. and he's proud to do that, calling it a blessing and an opportunity.

* Cole noted that the feud with Rusev can go a long time and asked if he's ready. Reigns noted that he and Rusev don't like each other, but as long as "I do me, he can't touch me." He said that he can see what Rusev is going to do before he does it, and challenges Rusev to bring it.


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