Ryback's First Post-WWE Opponents Revealed, Jeff Hardy And Vanguard1 Update, Road Warrior Animal

- WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal is featured in a commercial for Goof Off heavy duty remover, which you can check out above.

- WrestlePro announced that Ryback's first post-WWE matches will take place next month. He will team with WrestlePro owner Pat Buck, who is also the co-host of his podcast Conversation with the Big Guy, to face WrestlePro Tag Team Champions The New Heavenly Bodies at their upcoming October 14th live event in Creskill, NJ. The following night, he will be in singles competition against Dan Maff at WrestlePro's event in Brooklyn, NY. You can get more details at WrestleProOnline.

- Matt Hardy posted the latest update below following last week's Impact Wrestling. He noted that Brother Nero's been in a wheelchair for days and that Vanguard1 is "off the grid."


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